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Alt, Indie, Shoegazer Math And Post Rock

Guest Mogwai

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Hi... Below are my current Uploads. I will update this post on a regular basis. At least every 2nd or 3rd day, so keep checking. All Updates will be listed from the top of the post. If any files has been deleted for some odd reasons, PM me and I will reup. Cheers. (Oh I really hope Im posting this at the right place).




03rd Dec 2007


Some Shoegaze Albums

A Beautiful Machine - A Beautiful Machine


A Beautiful Machine - Home


A Beautiful Machine - Solar Variants


A Beautiful Machine - Solar Winds White Noise


Similar to My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Ride and Moose. Talking about Walls of Guitars Shoegazing sound, Now these are colosal walls of guitars.


Fonoda- Eventually (2007) (Post rock)


Something soft, calm and low but yet NOT boring at all.


Cecilia::Eyes - Moutain Tops Are Sometimes Closer to the Moon (2007) (Post Rock)


If you haven't got this one yet, then you might want to consider. Actually this is a

definite MUST for post-rock fans. There are just so many Post Rock Band out there to compares them too.

Emmm... Mono or Mogwai for instance. Well though even Mono on the other hand sums up

higher and louder as oppose to Cecellia:: but they are still absolutely fantastic.


North - Ruins (Post Rock)


Something I Dl'ed yesterday, heard yesterday but will probably love them forever.


fjord rowboat - Save the compliments for morning (2007) (Indie Alternative)


For those who like Film School and... yeah may be a bit of The cure here in

terms of vocals. This is REALLY GOOD.


Codeine - The Withe Birch (Indie)


Up by Request. This was actually on a damage disk which I placed aside for scrap.

For some odd reason I just slot the disc in my DVD writer and it start reading the disk. Managed to copy about 28 albums out of 65. Im quite happy.


The Hives - The Black And White ALbum 2007 (Punk rock, Pop Punk)


I only heard a couple of tracks on this album. Not much of a difference to Veni Vidi Vicious which I like.

Definitely better that Tyranaucerous Hives though. Did I get that spelling right


Bossk - .1 (Post Rock)


Oh dear, this is really GOOD. No comment.


Mouth Of Architect - Time And Withering (Post Metal)


Something heavy but yet pleasant. Isis, Mastodon fans will like. Musically I'm wordless. Still trying to get over the scream part though. But this is indeed very good.





28th Nov 2007


Jenniferever - Choose A Bright Morning (Shoegaze)


Something New to me.


Cocteau Twins - BBC Sessions Remasterred Disc 1 (Shoegaze)


Something Good To Have


Cocteau Twins - BBC Sessions Remasterred Disc 2 (Shoegaze)


Something Good To Have


dEUS - The Ideal Crash (Indie Alternative)


For Those Who DL'ed Their Album Worst Case Scenario From My Previous Post. This one IS MUCH More Easier To Listen To But A MUST Have. Something I'm Enjoying To Bits At The Moment.


Eskju Divine - Heights (2006) (Indie Alternative)


Something New To Me. Good Piano Work. This Sound So Much To A Band That Is So Not Coming To Mind Right Now. I Know That Doesn't Help. Let's Just Say Engineers And a Bit Of Coldplay Though Even I Despise Coldlplay


Flake Music - When You Land Here It's Time To Return (Indie)

DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/72793204/Flake...e_To_Return.rar

Yes This Is Old (The Shins) Why Did They Change Their Name To The Shins, I Really Don't Know. Good And Easy Listenning.


Immanu El - Killer Whale Ep (Post Rock)


I' ll Probably Get Beaten If I Say Anything Wrong On These Guys.


Swervedriver_-_Raise.rar (Shoegaze)


Damn Good. If Anyone Can Provide Me A Link To Their Album Mezcal Head. I Will Highly Appreciate It.


The Sundays - Reading Writing Arithmetic (Indie)


For Those Who Dl'ed Blind and Static And Silence, I Guess This One Should Complete The Sundays Unless They Have Another LP Which I am Not Aware Of.


The God Machine - One Last Laugh In A Place Of Dying (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Heavy Metal)


Ok... Please Bare With Me On This One. As you may have noticed. There are barely any HEAVY METAL from my uploads, However there are exception to everything and when it comes to Heavy Metal Exceptions, This IS the perfect Example. The God Machine Is A Definite Must Have. If I may suuggest start with Scenes From The Second Storey. The Only Band I Can Relate Them, not is terms of Similarity in Sound But In Terms Of Their Uniqueness is Alcest.


The God Machine - Scenes From The Second Storey (Highly Recommended Heavy Metal)


Simply Unique.




27th Nov 2007


American Analogue Set - From Our Living Room To Yours (Post Rock)

DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/72489731/Ameri...om_To_Yours.rar


Built To Spill - Perfect From Now On (Indie alternative)

DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/72502337/Built...From_Now_On.rar

Definitely my favorite Built To Spill Album.


Calla - Televise (Indie Experimental)

DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/72514518/Calla_-_Televise.rar

Another Calla album for those who DL'ed them from my previous post


Cocteau Twins_ - Moon & The Melodies (shoegaze)

DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/72518587/Cocte...he_Melodies.rar


Cocteau Twins - Treasure (Shoegaze)

DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/72525277/Cocte..._-_Treasure.rar

This one, Milk and Kisses and Garlands are my Fav' Cocteau Twins album


File: Cocteau_Twins__-_Victorialand.rar (Shoegaze)

DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/72531601/Cocte...ictorialand.rar


Cocteau Twins - Echoes In A Shallow Bay (Whoegaze)

DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/72533511/Cocte...Shallow_Bay.rar


Cocteau Twins - Four Calender Cafe (Shoegaze)

DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/72537025/Cocte...lender_Cafe.rar

Oh dear this one also is brilliant


Cocteau Twins - Garlands + John Peel Session Part1 (Shoegaze)

DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/72542012/Cocte...sion_Part_1.rar


Cocteau Twins - Garlands + John Peel Session Part2 (Shoegaze)

DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/72548435/Cocte...sion_Part_2.rar


Cocteau Twins - Milk And Kisses (Shoegaze)

DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/72555808/Cocte..._And_Kisses.rar


26th Nov 2007


A Genuine Freakshow – 0.008% (Post Rock)


Good... Really Really Good


American Analogue Set - Know By Heart (Post Rock)



And So I Watch You From Afar - This Is Our Machine And Nothing Can Stop It (Post Rock)


I Love This one


Asobi Seksu - Asobi Seksu (Shoegaze)


For those who like A Seksu. Not That I Don't


Calla - Collissions (Indie, Experimental)


If you haven't tried Calla yet...Which I Doubt. Start off with their album Scavengers


Calla - Scavengers (Indie, Experimental) Highly Recommend


Sublimr band with great vocals Dark Bass and rusty Gutar Riffs. Amazing stuff.


Dark Star - Twenty Twenty Sound (Indie) This is BEAUTIFUL


Literally A MUST Have. Just too bad this is the only Dark Star I have


Dead Can Dance - Into The Labirynth (Indie, Pop Rock... I don't know



Dead Can Dance - Passage In Time (Indie, Pop Rock... I don't know)



Film School - Film School (A MUST HAVE)


No Doubt The Best Film School release


Lone Wolf And Cub - Wonder, Is Ground On Frost


I Still Need To Listen To This One.


Three Month Sunset - Interpretations Of Air EP (Indie, Ambient, Shoegaze)


I Like...


22nd Nov 2007


Cut City - Exit Decade (Indie) A MUST Have for Editors and Interpol Fans.


There are just so much, Interpol, Editors and dark bases of Joy division in this album (Unbelievable)


To Kill A Pretty Bourgeoisie - The Patron


Female Vocalist. I've heard and read some good stuffs about them but honestly I haven't had a chance to listen to them yet.


Espers - The Weed Tree (Indie Shoegazer)


Not much to say beside this is Espers.


Guitar - Dealin With Signal And Noise (Definitely Shoegazer) A MUST Have.


This album is an ultimate experience. Once again these are albums I think most people on afterthepostrock.com have but if you don't then don't think twice.


Built to Spill - There Is Nothing wrong With Love (Indie)


Another BTS album. I still need to dig in my tiny collection for my most fav BTS album though. Keep an eye.


Asobi Seksu - Citrus (Shoegazer) Simply A MUST Have.



The Boo Radleys - Ichabod (Indie Shoegazer)


For Boo fans


Long Distance Calling - Dmnstrtn (Post Rock)


I just can't get over their Satellite Bay album yet.


Television - Marquee Moon (Indie, A Bit of Punk may be)


Back in the late 70's early 80's Guys. This is by far the BEST album by Television. A Definite Classic.


The Severely Departed - The Severly Departy (Post Rock)



The Autumns - The Autumns (Indie Shoegazer) A MUST HAVE.


I Love It. Surely they remind me a lot of Late Jeff Beuckley. Im saying this because I am currently listenning to it as I am writting this. Ever had that feeling that you just want to close your eyes and let go.... Speaking about Jeff Beuckley... Here you go.


Jeff Beuckley - Grace (Indie) MUST MUST MUST....


For those who don't have this album. I won't say anything beside (take my word on it.)


Ikara Colt - Chat And Business (Indie, alt) Highly Recomended


I wish I could say an alternative Metal album but that wont be fair. Lets stick to INDIE. A mate Of mine in Mauritius made an interesting comment about them. Its what he call RARERITY MUSIC. what do I think? Ikara Colt is pretty Unique in their own way. I recommend this with no doubt.


Giardini Di Miro - Dividing Opinions (Post Rock) 2007 Really Good.



Liars - They Threw Us In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top (Math Rost) GOoooooooD


You either like them or hate them. Personally, LIARS are Brilliant.


Liars - They Were So Wrong So We Drowned (Math rock)


Just a suggestion start with (They Threw Us In A Trench) First


Toe - The Book about My Idle Plot On Vague (Math rock)


Not Bad Neither.


The Severely Departed - St (Post Rock)


I Still Need to Listen To This One. Definitely Post Rock Though


All Angel gone - Quietly (Post Rock)




Transmit - Broadleaves (Post Rock) A MUST HAVE


This is REALLY Good. And here is an Ep as well


Transmit - Harmattan Ep (Post Rock) A MUST HAVE



dEUS - Worst Case Scenarion (Indie Experimental) Highly Recommend


I wish I can say this is by far dEUS best album but there are 3 other albums by dEUS that I haven't listen yet. And I've been looking for these albums for ages with no luck. I might as well go and purchase them. Artist I really don't mind supporting.



21st Nov 2007


Ride - Kaliedoscope (Shoegazer) Excellent Album


It's hard to believe the number of DL hits I got on Ride - Box Set, Smile and Nowhere. And I thought very few people like Ride. Obviously... I was WRONG.


Rdie - Deja Vudoo (Shoegazer)



Ride - Ep (Shoegazer)



Star Flyer 59 - Gold (Indie, Shoegazer)



Mean Red Spiders - Starsandsons (Shoegazer)


Shoegazing Sound That You Need To Listen LOUD.


Mean Red Speders - Still Life Fast Moving (Shoegazer)


I Definitely Prefer Starsandsons but still a GOOD Album To Have.


Long Distance Calling - Satellit Bay (PROMO 2007) (Post Rock)


There should be over 100 links on the net for this one and most of us should own this by now but if you don't. Do Yourself a Favor. (A MUST HAVE)


Difference Engine - Breadmaker (Shoegazer) Very Good Album For Indie And Shoegazer Fans



British Sea Power - The Decline Of British Sea Power (Indie)


For those who Dl'ed Open Season. This might be of Interest


Bathyscaphe - -11034m (Post Rock) For All Post Rock Fans


Very Simply Album. Nothing Complex and easy to diggest.



20th Nov 2007


The Hives - Veni Vedi Vicious (Punk Rock, Pop Punk Whatever You Call It)


Great Swedish Band (If I'm Not Mistaken). I Must Have Heard This Album Over A 100 Times in 6 Months. I Even Know The Lyrics By Heart Now


Motek - Motek (Post Rock) Highly Recomemded


Oh my Oh My... Honestly... I Only Discover This Belgium Band 2 Days Ago And I Must Say They Fit Pretty Well In The Same Circle Of Explosion In The Sky, Caspian, Sweek And Many More To The Likes. My Apology If Im Bragging A Bit Tooooo Much About Them But I Just Can't Elaborate On How Important This ALbum Is.


The Shins - Oh, I Inverted The World (Indie Rock)


Haven't Had A Chance To Digest Their Album, (Wincing The Night Away) Yet. But THis One Is A Superb Work I Must Say.


Pattern Is Movement - The (Im)possiblity Of Longing (Math Rock) Highly Recommended


This Is Something Totally Different As Oppose To Post Rock But I Will Strongly Suggest To Give Them A Try As They Are Indeed Hell worth The Time.


Noir Desir - Tostaky (Alternative, Indie)


French Band Who Sings In French As Well As English. If... You Haven't Got Them. Well, Well, Well... Just Don't MISS Out On This One. And Allow Me To Say If You Do Come Accross Their Album (Veuiller Rendre L'ame A Qui Elle Appartient) Grab That One Too. I Had It But I Also Lost It From My Good Heart Of Lending


Noir Desir - Des Visages Des Figures (Alternative, Indie)


Another Great Album By Noir Desir, However, Allow Me To Suggest... Start with Tostake, then Des Visages Des Figures.


Noir Desir - 666.667 Club (Alternative, Indie)


And Yet... Another Good Album But I Still Prefer Tostaky And Des Visages Des Figures. How I Wish I Can Get My Hand On (Veuiller Rendre L'ame A Qui Elle Appartient) Again. There Albums Are Pretty Hard To Find On The Net.



Amusement Parks On Fire - Out Of Angels (Shoegazer) A Must Have

Part 1 - http://rapidshare.com/files/70478686/Amuse...Of_Angels_1.rar

Part 2 - http://rapidshare.com/files/70480058/Amuse...Of_Angels_2.rar

I Simply Call Them 21st Century Shoegazer


Blueneck - Scars Of THe Midwest (Post Rock)



British Sea Power - Open Seasons (Indie Rock) Recommended For Indie Fans



Caspian - You Are The Conductor (Post Rock) A Must Have



Caspian - The Four Trees (Post Rock)



Dive - Freeze Ep (Indie, Shoegazer)



Jakob - Solace (Post Rock) A Must Have



Motionless - Motionless - Ep (Post Rock, Math Rock)



Pg. Lost - Yes I am (Post Rock) A Must Have



Ride - Nowhere (Shoegazer)



Ride - Smile (Shoegazer) Simply The BEST Ride Album



Starlight Conspiracy - Unknown Album (Shoegazer)


I'll easily line them up next to Slowdive, Cocteau Twins. A Must Have For Shoegazer Fans. Sorry about the album name but don't let that put you off as its a superb album.


The Boo Radleys - Giants Steps (Indie, Shoegazer)


I had many arguements with friends over the years that Kingsize is the best Boo R Album. I somehow think this one is for its variety.


The Breeders - Pod (Indie Rock) Totally different in contrast to Last Splash but still a MUST have.



The Sundays - Blind (Indie Rock) Much more rythmn compares to Static And Silence



Buddha On The Moon - The Last Autumn (I definitely prefer the Stratospheric album)




Buddha on the Moon - Stratospheric (Shoegazer)



Ride - Box Set (Shoegazer)

Disc 1 - http://rapidshare.com/files/70433055/Ride_..._Set_Disc_1.rar

Disc 2 - http://rapidshare.com/files/70441875/Ride_..._Set_Disc_2.rar

Disc 3 - http://rapidshare.com/files/70449653/Ride_..._Set_Disc_3.rar


Cleaning Women - Aelita The Queen Of Mars




While you here, check this out.

(Geniuses is the only word I can think of) It's a Live Track by Ricewestern. The kind of stuff I wouldn't hesitate one second to literally purchase.



Tindersticks - ST (Indie Rock, Experimental) Highly Recommended



The Young Gods - T.V. Sky (Indie, Electro)



The Sundays - Static And Silence (Indie Rock)



The Notwist - Neon Golden (Indie, Electro) Very Good Album



The Church - Priest Aura (Indie, Psychedalic) My Fav' Church Album



The Breeders - Last Splash (Indie)



The Aloof - Seeking Pleasure (Indie, Electro) If it's pleasure that you seek then, pleasure is what you shall get. (Highly Recomended)



Shora - Malval (Post Rost)



Shora - Shaping The Random (This album is totally different to Malval) Loads of Screams



Modest Mouse - Moon and Antarctica (Indie)



Skywave - Echodrone (Indie, Shoegazer)



The Autumns - The Angel Pool (Indie)



broaddaylight - The Bell Jar (Indie Shoegazer)



CtrlAltDelete - Mondegreens (Post Rock)



Thrushes - Sun Come Undone (Indie Shoegazer)



The Evpatoria Report - Golevka (Post Rock)




These albums has been posted already on an individual basis. So I thought of Sticking it all here.


Immanu El - Theyll Come They Come 2007 (Post Rock)



Austin TV - Fontana Bella (Post Rock)



I Hear Sirens - I Hear Sirens EP (2007).rar (Post Rock)



Mooncake - More Oxygen (ost Rock)



Maybeshewill - Japanese Spy Transcript (Post Rock)



Mogwai - Live 05-03-2006 Colorado (Experimntal, Post Rock)




To Be A High Powered Executive - Pre-History And The Course Of Empire (Post Rock)



The Strange Death Of Liberal England - Stop Go Happy Sad Forward Forward (PostRock)



The Strange Death Of Liberal England - Forward March (Post Rock)



By The End Of Tonight - A Tributes To Tigers (Post Rock)



Don't Mess With Texas - Don't Mess With Texas (Post Rock)



Longwave - The Strangest Things (Indie)



Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia... - Indian Ink (Post Rock)



Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia... - My Elixir My Poison (Post Rock)



Espers - Espers (Indie)



Espers - II (Indie, Shoegazer)




The Silence Kit - The Great Red Spot (Post Rock)



Soundpool - On High (Indie, Shoegazer)



The Sea Like Lead/Belegost - Split Ep (Post Rock)



Engineers - Engineers (Indie)




Asobi Seksu - Live At The Echo (Indie, Shoegazer)



Built To Spill - Keep It Like A Secret (Indie)



Girls Against Boys - You Can't Fight What You Can't See (Indie)



Modest Mouse - Good News For People Who Love Bad News (Indie)



Upcdowncleftcrightcabc+Start - And The Battle Is Won (Post Rock)



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Hi... Below are my current Uploads. I will update this post on a regular basis. At least every 2nd or 3rd day, so keep checking. All Updates will be listed from the top of the post. If any files has been deleted for some odd reasons, PM me and I will reup. Cheers. (Oh I really hope Im posting this at the right place).


:pivopije: :pivopije:



@ moderatori: prebacite ovo na ostalu ne-metal muziku ili eventualno avantgarde metal, i stikujte kao important topic

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nije tolki problem shto si postovao tu sliku, veci je problem shto si kapiram surfovao trazeci je izvesno vreme, a onda si i izvesno vreme, dakako, vrshio odabir, da ne kazem selekciju... ako nisi sve to obavio, znachi drzish ovo na kompu iako zivish sa curom tako da to stvara nova ptanja... dal ti je cura paravan, dal si nesiguran, dal te cura podrzava shto onda shiri celu stvar i na moguce probleme obe vashe porodice i eventualnog nasledstva, itd...

generalno, kasno je da sada mnogo razmishljam o chemu se zaista radi ali sam prilichno uplashen jer, zaboga, krange jednom nedeljno igram basket s tobom u terminu kome prethodi i sleduje odredjen broj minuta koji sa tobom moram da provedem u svlachinoci...

hmm, sad se setih, ti se nikada ne presvlachish posle basketa... kao "opet sam zaboravio opremu"... shta, jel ti frka od sebe ili od nas?

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Hteo sam ova dva albuma da okačim na linkove za download, ali

nemaju nikakve veze sa metalom. Dakle, striktno post-rock +

electronica... Dva predivna albuma (no homo).



Mice Parade: Obrigado Saudade (2003)






Mice Parade: Mice Parade (2007)





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Pia Fraus is hands down the best neo-shoegaze band to come out of Estonia in the 2000s. OK, ever.


They also hold the title as arguably the best shoegaze band to operate after the initial wave of bands crashed and burned in the early ’90s. Their classicist sound (Fender Jazzmasters, boy-girl harmonies, all the proper pedals) was always spot on, the songwriting wasn’t just copycatty, but full of real hooks and strong melodies, and they never sounded like mere revivalists. OK, maybe they did sound like revivalists, but they did it so perfectly that their best moments were the equal of the best moments of groups like Chapterhouse or Ride, who they so perfectly aped. The even added a few new twists to the shoegaze template by seamlessly integrating cheesy synths and the occasional horn section into the mix. Over the course of three albums and a handful of EPs released between 1998 and 2008, the band never took a false step and always made the dreamiest, gaziest music possible. Silmi Island collects a sampling of their best moments taken from a cross-section of their albums and EPs.


Most all the songs were remixed for clarity, some had synth or drum parts replaced, a few (“Deep Purple Girl,” “400 & 57,” “No Need for Sanity”) were completely re-recorded; but nothing sounds needlessly modern or tacked on. All the new parts and new versions sound just as you’d expect the group to sound, and it gives collectors a reason to pick up the collection, too. Also making it worthwhile is the stunning Ulrich Schnauss-mixed version of “Mute the Birds,” which sounds like the Free Design hopping on a Pygmalion-era Slowdive track. The CD-only bonus track is truly a bonus too — a wonderfully energetic cover of My Bloody Valentine’s “Strawberry Wine” that makes it clear where the band draws their main inspiration. If you are new to Pia Fraus, this collection should hip you to a truly great shoegaze/guitar pop band, but even if you were there from the beginning, Silmi Island is a perfect way to remember the band and sum up their career in the best possible way.


Silmi Island: Compilation 1998-2008 (2013)


1. Feeling Is New (3:36)

2. Sailing Yes (2:56)

3. Birds Still Swing (2:49)

4. Thank You Peter Parker (3:41)

5. Japanese Heart Software (4:05)

6. Springsister (3:50)

7. Deep Purple Girl (4:26)

8. After Summer (3:31)

9. 400 & 57 (4:04)

10. Mute The Birds (feat. Ulrich Schnauss) (6:11)

11. You Look Fine (4:08)

12. Mooie Island (2:54)

13. Day Week Or Season (3:29)

14. No Need For Sanity (3:58)

15. Strawberry Wine (3:06)



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Ex-Wife – New Colors (2013)





1. Rituals

2. Young Parents

3. Lost In Late July

4. New Colors

5. Agnosia

6. Still Life

7. Sleepwalker

8. Ageless

9. Everything Seems Slower Now

10. While The Sun Is Out




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Da mi je neko rekao da će najbolji shoegaze album 2020 godine izaći iz Kine ove godine, ne bih im poverovao. Ovo je prelepo iskomponovana i osmišljena ploča, čak mislim da i dodatno postaje egzotičnija zbog Kineskog koji ispada komplementaran za ovaj stil muzike.

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