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I cum blood

Paradise Lost

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Ja se setih Opeth obrade, pa pogledah ovu temu, pa pomislih (bože, šta bih dao da meni sada lopta dođe), kako bi je tek oni odvalili :)

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Ja već godinama čekam neku The Cult obradu, pogotovo kad se zna koliko Greg voli Dafija.


Da čujemo Nika kako peva Fire Woman, pa da se polako m r e...

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We set up two completely guitar stack systems and run them through together as one guitar sound,” Greg explains. So we had one sludgy, retro sound, like an old Sabbath-y sound going into an old Marshall with an Orange cab and an old Boss Hyper Fuzz and the Vox V810 [overdrive] on it. Then we had a [EVH/Peavey] 5150 set up, with a pedal by Nine Of Swords called Funeral Party. It’s a really great simple old-school distortion pedal, along the lines of the early Slayer sound. You add a bit of that onto a 5150 and you’ve got a really great classic metal sound. We blended the two to get this unique guitar sound.”

Ovo je dobro u zamisli, samo treba i snimiti, miksati i sve po redu tako da se takav zvuk čuje, a mnogi (veterani) su se zajebali u tome. Još uvek smrdi na to da ih drma kriza srednjih godina kada navaljuju na ekstreme, no hajde da ne budem u pravu.

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Nije album, ne lomite se :obrv:



ali jeste još jedna nova pesma



1. No Hope In Sight (new track)

2. Punishment Through Time (new track)

2. Punishment Through Time

3. Mortals Watch The Day

4. So Much Is Lost

5. Remembrance

6. Gothic

7. Enchantment

8. Tragic Idol

9. Never For The Damned

10. Rotting Misery




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