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Thomas Vikström je na "Wacken"-u prvi put nastupio s Therion-om, a svirali su sljedece pjesme:


1. Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah

2. Schwarzalbenheim

3. Blood of Kingu

4. Seven Secrets of the Sphinx

5. Wine of Aluqah

6. Son of the Staves of Time

7. Muspelheim

8. Tuna 1613

9. Lemuria

10. Ginnungagap

11. To Mega Therion

12. Cults of the Shadow



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bio sinoc na nekom nemackom kanalu izvestaj s' ovogodisnjeg wackena...i bas od Theriona Son of the Staves of Time... bas predrkana pesma !! :rockdevil:


Znaci, mali je popust u evrima :)


jbt...'ocu ja onda da platim u jevrejima...za tih 200 dindzi mogu da se dovucem do BG-a i vratim !! :da: Sta ces...kriza, pa moras da isplaniras svaki dinar :P

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"Hello everybody!!!

First I'd like to say thank you for all the kind words and for making me feel so welcome. You must be the greatest fans in the world!! One of the hardest things to do in a band is to replace someone. Especially a guy like Mats that I respect both as a singer and personally. We are very close friends and we have worked together a lot. Wish him all the best! I will do my very best to not disappoint anyone on the upcoming tour. Wacken was my first gig with the band and I met the guys just two days before we went down there. I think it was one of the greatest time of my life when we finally got up on that stage and and met some of you guys. Yes, I messed up some lyrics. (A heat of a moment thing... undecided)and we work with a wireless in ear system and I had constant drop outs witch means that I could not hear a thing of what I sang or what the guys played in some songs. But I had a ball up there and I loved it! Another great thing is that we all get along so well in the band. I really love the guys(and girls of course) and they make me feel like I belong in the "family"!! Can't wait to meet you all somwhere on tour!! Just come up and say hi!! It would be an honor to me!!

The best of wishes Thomas Vikström (The new "howler" in the band)"

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Ok, jedinu zamerkiu imam sto ce svirati celi Theli, ima jos toliko odlicnih pesama, koje necemo moci da cujemo zbog celog Theli-ja :), jes da su na tom albumu sve sami hitovi, ali ipak, verovatno se i njima vise smucilo da sviraju To Mega Therion, Cults of the Shadow....nece biti nista sa Deggiala :(.....a dusu bi ostavio tamo kad bi mi odsvirali nesto sa Lepaca-e....


Ali ipak, ocekujem jos bolji koncert od ovog predhodnog, ovaj bolje receno, jos bolji spektakl od predhodnog....i moram da pripremim 100 jevreja za merchendise.... :)

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