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According to a posting on THERION's web site, Norwegian/Danish gothic metal band SIRENIA has cancelled its participation in THERION's upcoming European headlining tour "due to lineup problems." THERION added, "As we're on tour and time is short, we won't replace them. THERION will be playing 2.5 hours with a break in between and there will be a considerably improved stage scenery so there is no real need for a mid act in order to have a full evening going. On top on this there will be special guests and special performances (more info to come on that further on)."



A od managera stiglo sledece :

Sirenia did let us know that in the current line-up they are not able to perform live.


The Vision Bleak will open with a 30 minute set, followed by an 2 1/2 hours set by Therion including one pause of 20 minutes to set change Therions production.


Therion will tour with bally-dancers & dancers, special guests of Therions history, chor and rock band.

a total of about 14 people will sometimes fit the stage together.


please take off Sirenia of all your promotions and inform the local press.



Da vam skratim cekanje sta ce terion objaviti Smiley)buahhhahaha.

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Cisto da se pohvalim da sam uzeo kartu za Therion ! Vidimo se 12. Decembra ! Nadam se da nece biti neko vanredno stanje u drzavi pa da otkazu koncert ( 10. decembra albanci oce da proglase nezavisnost )




Ako je THERION Gothic onda sam ja Elvis Prisley!!!!


Ni G od Gothica. Uzas , mogli bi neke nove podforume da ubacite

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Therion u Crnoj Gori mi izgleda kao najbolja prvoaprilska sala.

Frubi, ne kaze se naci nastrojen, jer bi to moglo da se shvati kao nacista, dok je nacionalista nesto sasvim drugo.

Zbog datuma koji se poklapaju, ja sam odlucila da u jednom trosku, za 8.000 forinti odgledam za dva dana dva koncerta u Pesti: Ensiferum i Therion...Mada bih volela da budem u SKC, jer sam za koncerte u tom prostoru jako emotivno vezana...Dovoljno je setiti se proslog Theriona i Kamelota.

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"We're back in Europe and besides Kiev that will be the last show on this tour, we're pretty much done. Some words for our fans:


"Latin America: Thank you for being even more amazing than ever! We also made a new record here; we pulled almost 5,000 people in Quito, Ecuador, which is the biggest amount Therion ever pulled as a headliner so far. Next tour we can bring with us full European stage production.


"Japan: It took us 20 years to finally get over there and wow... it's been worth every second of waiting! The response we received was simply beyond our imagination and as for the country itself, each and everyone of us simply LOVED your incredible country. The very polite manners, the rich culture, the good traditions, the dicipline (never seen a more well organized festival!) etc etc etc. Seems like our performance there opened up for future possibilities for the band and it's for sure not the last time we saw The Land Of The Rising Sun!


"USA/Canada: Despite the somewhat dissapointing turn up for the shows, we indeed have some positive words. We sincerely want to thank everyone that showed up and supported the band and in perticular you people who travelled far and/or went to several shows. The crowds there really kicks ass in 4 of 5 shows, there were between 130 - 420 paying people showing up, but each show felt like there were much more thanx to your wild enthusiasm and rockin' hard approach!"

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"We are proud to announce that:


* Piotr Wawrzeniuk will be joining us at Glachau and go with us until Krakow.

* Messiah Marcolin (ex-CANDLEMASS, MOMENTO MORI) will be joining us at Budapest and will go with us until London. He will also fly down later and join us for the finale Paris.

* Mats Levén will be joining us for the finale in Paris.

* We will be having the amazing belly dancer Arien as a special guest starting at Glachau up until London and then also for the finale in Paris.

* There will also be two more secret guests attending all shows for the tour."



Dal da placemo il sta da radimo ?!?!?!


DAn posle Beograda je Pesta ... u kurac !!!



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