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Mercyful Fate


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Mercyful Fate set to release "Don't Break the Oath" and "Melissa" on 180 gram vinyl!

Metal Blade Records and Mercyful Fate have completed preparations and will be releasing new 180 gram colored vinyl next month! The seminal/critically-acclaimed albums "Melissa" and "Don't Break the Oath" can be pre-ordered now and are available on red and yellow vinyl, respectively. Also, each vinyl is available bundled with an album cover t-shirt. These can be viewed and ordered now at the links below!


Mercyful Fate "Melissa"

Vinyl: http://goo.gl/pJI8PL

Bundle: http://goo.gl/2cmk73

Mercyful Fate "Don't Break the Oath"

Vinyl: http://goo.gl/NDIKUN

Bundle: http://goo.gl/0h7dhs

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A što nije King pevao pa da se zove Mercyful Fate, nego tamo neki anonimus, su se posvađali nešto? <3


Ne znaju ni oni vise, neke glupave zajebancije.


U svakom slucaju bitno je da se najveci metal gitarski duo vraca na scenu.

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Stigao mi Satan's Tomb EP, odmah da kazem da ovaj kurton na vokalu ubija svu magiju. Muzika okej ali nema nekog mindfucka, standardan americki HM.

Iskreno svi ti njihovi projekti van MFate su i bili bezveze, ovaj je jos medju boljima.

Nema nista dok se ne skupi sva ekipa i krene da cepa kako treba.

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