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Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, Starr

Ovaj bend je trebo da se ugasi posle kameleona.ajd,posle oatha,high live da bidne oproštaj i ršupićku. ovo što rade od 98 na vamo,pa ovo je i branku kockici smešno.

Znate šta fali ovoj temi?   Jedan dugačak Angelystorov...wait for it...song-by-song review u kome će malo da peni.   Heroes - Hands down, najgori album opener do sad. Već sam se gore izjasnio o ov

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The new, yet to be named Helloween record will see the boys go “BACK TO THE ROOTS” with the band recording fully analogue and Dani drumming on Ingo Schwichtenberg’s original drum kit, as used in the legendary "Keeper…" recordings. Take a sneak peek here! 


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🎃 Helloween are back with the spectacular single "SKYFALL" to be released April 2nd, 2021! 

💥 The epic 12 minute song, written by Kai Hansen, will be released in two versions: The A-side features the 7 minute single edit and the B-side explodes with a 12 minute alternative version of the album track with a new mix and a different singer allocation - available only on this very single! The second edition will offer "INDESTRUCTIBLE" as the B-side, another precursor from the album. Limited availability, on vinyl only with premium packaging.

👉🏻 Pre-order now via the link below:


#helloween #powermetal #heavymetal

Kantorov rad: https://www.instagram.com/p/CIgLaunJgOu/?igshid=1htn6656i2cin

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Robot King i Down in the Dumps su 100% neke Weikathove zajebancija pesme. Skyfall vec znamo closing epic u maniru Keeper / Halloween.

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