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Pain Of Salvation

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E potpuno sam zaboravio da ovaj bend postoji...Recite mi kao garantovano upucheniji fanovi od mene jel` valja slushati josh shtogod osim Remedy Lanea? (poshto je to jedino shto posedujem...) Moram priznati da su me malo razocharali s rechima pesama...onoliko preseravanje o gubljenju nevinosti s 10 il` 12 godina i princezi iz Budimapeshte pre Szigeta....lele koja patetika. Al` odo' da ga pustim 4ol`timesake.

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12:05 je icon_rockdevil.gif jedan od najjacih zivih albuma uopste.

pokazali u da ne mora da ima distoziju da bi bilo "tesko"..


mada, pos su od onih bendva gde je 70-80% svakog albuma odlicno, a onda ubace neke smarajuce pesme. proklet da je cd i ko ga izmisli da traje 80 minuta. dok su bile ploce i kasete ljudi su pravili albume od po 45 minuta, pa je bila veca koncentracija dobrih pesama...






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Da kad smo kod remedya pesma trace of blood je napisana pa istinintom dogadjaju

davidova zena je imal podbacaj i odatle je nastala ta pesma inace evo sta je on rekao za tu pesmu


4. A Trace Of Blood

During the recording of "Entropia" (our first album) me and my wife had a miscarriage and it was very hard on us. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. It was not the loss of a tiny organic something, to me it was the loss of several lifes - the child and the life he/she would have had and the lifes me and my wife would have had. History took a sharp turn for us that day and I cannot leave it behind altogether. That mix of joy, grief and anger is also found in the music and the lyric of the song I think. A struggle.

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Elem, sta se desava sa novim albumom? Zove se Scarsick, i trebalo bi da izadje uskoro, pa me zanima da nije procureo?


Ovo mu dodje kao neki deo covera za doticni...


IPB Image


Btw. jako se plasim u kom pravcu ce PoS dalje da se razvija... Mislim, sta reci o coveku koji je sinu dao ime Sandrian Silver Khan :)




EDIT: The whole band seem very pleased with lyrics and concept, but nothing more is revealed as of yet. Apart from the already mentioned "Scarsick" will probably be "Spitfall", "Cribcaged", "America", "Disco Queen", "Godscent", "Flame to the Moth" and "Enter Rain" but they say it might change up until the last minute. "When the songs are all done, recorded and mixed, you might feel the name should be different. It's like deciding your baby's name before he or she is born, and then you realize it doesn't fit."


Uz'o covek da obradjuje Miroslava Ilica, k'o Rammstein :mrgreen:

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Album nece pre februara...


Scarsick 2007 Tour




Yes, it's official.

....Pain of Salvation will go on tour in february/march 2007....


Here are the dates:


Sat feb-17 Norway, Oslo, John Dee

Sun feb-18 Sweden, Gothenburg, Musikens Hus

Tue feb-20 Poland, Warsaw, Progresja

Wed feb-21 Poland, Krakow, Klub Studio

Thu feb-22 Hungary, Budapest, Schiff A38

Fri feb-23 Austria, Vienna, Planet Music

Sun feb-25 Italy, Treviso, New Age

Mon feb-26 Italy, Rome, Alpheus

Tue feb-27 Italy, Milan, Rolling Stone

Thu mar-1 Switzerland, Pratteln, Z-7

Fri mar-2 The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Paradiso

Sat mar-3 France, Paris, Elysee Monmartre

Sun mar-4 Belgium, Vosselaar, Biebob

Tue mar-6 Germany, Augsburg, Spectrum

Wed mar-7 Germany, Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal

Thu mar-8 Germany, Bochum, Zeche

Sat mar-10 Denmark, Copenhagen, The Rock



We are looking into other gigs (and other countries)

for later in 2007!


More information will follow soon!!



Rob Palmen

on behalf of Pain of Salvation

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