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Spinefarm Records has set a March 28 Finnish release date for the fifth album from FINNTROLL, entitled "Ur Jordens Djup" ("From the Depths of the Earth"). The CD, which was recorded by Nino Laurenne at Sonic Pump studios in Helsinki, will be the group's first release with new vocalist Mathias Lillmåns (a.k.a. Vreth; TWILIGHT MOON) following the departure of Tapio Wilska (SETHIAN, ex-WIZZARD, former session vocalist for NIGHTWISH) last spring. Lillmåns is reportedly 24 years old, and like FINNTROLL's original vocalist, Katla Mathias, is Fenno-Swedish, with Swedish as his mother tongue.


"Ur Jordens Djup" track listing:


01. Gryning

02. Sång

03. Korpens Saga

04. Nedgång

05. Ur Djupet

06. Slagbröder

07. En Mäktig Här

08. Ormhäxan

09. Maktens Spira

10. Under Två Runor

11. Kvällning


nova pesma,sa wackena prosle godine



uz ovo ce lepo da se pije sa cimerom :rockdevil:

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Fini trol...


Jako ih gotivim. Licno, najjaca stvar mi je Trolhammeren, a pogotovo spot. Takva je gotiva, sa onim mnogo cudnim instrumentima.. Niceh su...

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IPB Image


IPB Image

Ur Jordens Djup


01. Gryning 03:33

02. Sång 04:40

03. Korpens Saga 03:26

04. Nedgång 03:44

05. Ur Djupet 04:59

06. Slagbröder 04:31

07. En Mäktig Här 04:19

08. Ormhäxan 04:39

09. Maktens Spira 03:28

10. Under Två Runor 05:36

11. Kvällning 13:01

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Ma ajde bre...Trollhammaren je precenjena...Eliytres i Människopesten su sto puta bolje po meni...e jedino sto je ova mozda hiticnija...


Apsolutno!!! I ima ih jos! Nego, ovo fino udje u usice, pa onda kao najbolja...Nije nego...


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