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Trailer #1 for Cattle Decapitation's "Forced Gender Reassignment" video = a production so brutal and absolutely offensive that YouTube, Vimeo and even the band's label Metal Blade Records will not touch it.


Once again the band has tapped director Mitch Massie (Kingdom of Tyrants video, The Locust, All Leather) to direct this brutal romp and the video, in all its goreified glory, will premiere Monday, October 15th on BloodyDisgusting.com! There will not be a censored version.


The song "Forced Gender Reassignment" is about turning the tables on those who simply refuse to mind their own business - sticking their nose, their opinions and their faith where it not only does not belong but is not wanted. This is a big planet we live on and its bipedal inhabitants have a myriad of differing opinions on why we're here, where we came from and where we are going as a society. With this video and these lyrics, we are taking a stab at those who can't accept that and think that their views should be applied to all... unnatural... unclean.


Soon to be dubbed one of, if not THE most brutal, disgusting and graphically intense music videos of all time, Forced Gender Reassignment is coming... viewer discretion is advised.


The video follows the lyrics extremely closely, so here's a refresher and what we have in store for you



Šta će ovo da bude.

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Nekako ima dosta kadrova koji su suviše close-up, u smislu da ni ne skontaš šta se događa, samo vidiš meso i krv a ja brutalnost više koncipiram tako da vidiš celu scenu, ali sveukupno fina je idejica i zabavan je spotić. Moglo i bolje, ali ok je.

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CATTLE DECAPITATION Drop Off SIX FEET UNDER Tour After Vocalist Allegedly "Sucker Punched" By Chris Barnes


Touring can be a stressful situation. If you're touring as direct support for Six Feet Under, there may be extra stresses of working with vocalist Chris Barnes. A few months ago, we were pretty excited at the thought of Six Feet Under hitting the road with Cattle Decapitation for the Autumn Apocalypse tour, but now it looks like it may all be over.


Earlier this morning, Cattle Decapitation frontman Travis Ryan posted a status to his personal Facebook page that announced the band was dropping off the tour, and that he was not feeling too favorable towards SFU vocalist, Chris Barnes. His status in full:


Chris Barnes is a fucking hack. I've personally passed on at least 5 six feet tours over the last 8 or so years because he pulls so much nonsense on the support bands because his ego is astronomical. We're leaving the Chris Barnes Show tour today. Go to the Chris Barnes show and buy some of their merch. They need it desperately.


A quick peek in the comments, shows a few extra paragraphs of elaboration, which we have pulled for you junkies:


He couldn't handle the fact that we were destroying him nightly on merch and talked shit about us on stage last night. I went to confront him about that and he sucker punched me as I was talking. He immediately RAN out the door and fled to his bus like he does every night when the two fans that are left for their show are trying to get him to sign something.


We're leaving because we have no interest in bringing more people to the chris barnes show. There was no "fight". He punched me, RAN away and a few people saw it. I just walked out told his tour manager the deal, wrapped up the merch and left.


Just don't go to the show and please get the word out. Cattle Decapitation is not doing this tour as we no longer wish to bring peole to his show. Cuz its HIS show. More than enough people have drilled that fact into us.


he says "what about showing some respect" I laughed, said "respect?" And proceeded to tell him about the time where he spent all night with me outside their bus @ the tail end of the butchered at birth tour in 93 and that respect was paid long ago and he's since proved to the metal world how much of a bitch he is… I got "dude, in 1993…" In there and he punched me as I was talking. Ran out the door and seriously thinks he's a bad ass still? Hahaha…


Here's how chris barnes works: punches. Runs. Does the Rocky dance like he's a badass on his tour bus he's about to not fuckin afford.


For his part, Chris Barnes kept it short and sweet on his official Twitter page, writing: If you eat tofu you'll get you're ass kicked in a fight. #knocked out


Certainly, this does not bode well for the tour. What else is interesting is that both bands share the same label, Metal Blade, who can't be too happy about in-fighting between bands.


At the time of this writing, there is no official word from Barnes or Metal Blade on the future of the tour.

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