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meni swano ima nekako najzdravije moguce shvatanje muzike. nekako cujes na bilo sta da radi da se bas zabavlja. nije pretenciozan. ono kad je radio moontower rekao je da je hteo da napravi album koji zvuci kao da rush svira death metal. to je toliko suluda i glupa ideja da ne mozes da krenes u takav projekat bez da se najopusteniji baja na svetu.


tako i ovaj witherscape zvuci. baca male tribjute svima, malo rush, malo neki 70s judas priest, neki mercyful fate riff tu i tamo, analogni sintovi, njegove neponovljivo pevanje i ispadne album koji je sniman potpuno za svoju dusu i koji svaki fan metala moze da slusa i mu bude toplo oko srca.


dok kad gledas heritage, toliko je rigorozno album napravjen sa namerom da zvuci kao da je neki bend iz 70ih da se zavrsava cela zabava takve ideje pre neko sto je uopste pocela.


tako meni bar :)


interesantno mi kod ovog albuma takodje sto sam citao da je paul is novembers doom pisao sve tekstove. dwano je njima radio mix ili mastering bas dosta puta i dopao mu se paul kako pise, pa mu je dao neki okvirni koncept i otpevao ceo album sa nekim nebitnim tekstovima i ovaj je napisao ceo album po tom njegovom konceptu i slog po slog po tim demo vokalima. bas carska saradnja da toliko imas poverenje u nekog da uradis tako nesto.

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Do you have any other music projects going on?

-I am currently writing the next Witherscape album, to be released in about a year from now (November 2015) I am also collecting idea or a death metal oriented solo album for release at the end of 2016. The plan is to write a few more songs in the style of my previous, now dead, bands like Edge of Sanity, Pan Thy Monium, Bloodbath


Fak jea :)

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To release “The New Tomorrow” EP in December!



the stunning new dark metal outfit formed by Swedish singer,

multi-instrumentalist and producer extraordinaire Dan Swanö

(ex Edge Of Sanity/Bloodbath, Nightingale, etc.)

together with fellow Swedish multi-instrumentalist

Ragnar Widerberg, are about to release the EP

“The New Tomorrow” via Century Media Records

on December 8th, 2014.


Succeeding last year’s acclaimed debut album “The Inheritance”, which was voted “album of the month” by Germany’s Rock Hard magazine and also entered the official sales charts in Germany on position # 97 upon release, the new EP marks a conceptual and musical bridge between the thick concept of the debut and their upcoming sophomore album, expected for a late 2015 release.


Here is the tracklisting of the EP:


WITHERSCAPE – “The New Tomorrow” EP:

1. The New Tomorrow (4:42)

2. Defenders Of Creation (4:27)

3. A World Without Heroes (2:36)

4. Out In The Cold (6:35)

5. Dead For Another Day (4:40)


“The New Tomorrow” contains 5 unreleased songs:

A brand new (title) track, 3 cover songs

(“Defenders Of Creation” by Warrior, “A World Without Heroes” by Kiss and “Out In The Cold” by Judas Priest) and “Dead For Another Day” (an extension of the debut album’s “Dead For A Day” single).


Its CD version (10 tracks) will also include special vinyl-mix versions of the same songs as bonus and the Digital Download version


(7 tracks) includes another 2 bonus cover songs

(“A Cry For Everyone” by Gentle Giant and “Last Rose Of Summer” by Judas Priest) from the sessions of “The Inheritance”, which are so far digitally unreleased.


The 12” vinyl version of the EP is playable on 45rpm,

will be pressed on 180 gr. vinyl and comes either as standard black edition or in the following limited coloured options:

Gold (100x, via CM Distro Europe), Transparent Red (200x, via CM Distro Europe) or Neon Orange (100x, via CM Distro USA).

Pre-orders will be available soon from: www.cmdistro.com


WITHERSCAPE’s Dan Swanö checked in to comment on the release as follows: “The new track "The New Tomorrow" is introducing the new main character, "mannen i vitt" (“The man in white”) and the storyline revolves around his quest for the meaning of life and how he wants to make a difference in the world of the forsaken. It is 1950 and he finds this wonderful estate up north and buys it at an auction. He begins the work to turn it into a sanctuary for ones with broken spirits or other disabilities, who need to escape the ever-growing stress of the big city life. The plot will continue on the 2nd full length WITHERSCAPE album, which will hopefully be out at the end of 2015.


The cover versions were chosen because they are songs that resonate with us at their very core, but didn’t necessarily have - in our humble opinion - the production or performance to portray their full glory. We gave them the WITHERSCAPE treatment and learned a lot from analyzing, performing and recording them. And we will bring that experience with us into the writing for the 2nd album…


The re-make of "Dead For A Day" called "Dead For Another Day" was born out of the idea to let WITHERSCAPE make a WITHERSCAPE cover and remove all things death and metal to see what it would sound like.

We fell in love with the new approach and decided to include it on the EP to show the versatility that can be expected from this band!”

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