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CANDLEMASS: New Album Title, Track Listing Revealed

Swedish doom legends CANDLEMASS have set "Death Magic Doom" as the title of their new album, due on March 27 via Nuclear Blast Records.


The track listing is as follows:


01. If I Ever Die

02. Hammer Of Doom

03. The Bleeding Baroness

04. Demon Of The Deep

05. House Of 1000 Voices

06. Dead Angel

07. Clouds Of Dementia

08. My Funeral Dreams


Four audio snippets from the CD — "Hammer Of Doom", "If I Ever Die", "Demon Of The Deep" and "Funeral Dreams" — have been posted on the MySpace page of the European branch of Nuclear Blast Records. They will be available online until January 10.

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Swedish doom legends CANDLEMASS will release their new album, "Death Magic Doom", on March 27 via Nuclear Blast Records.


Commented bassist/main songwriter Leif Edling: "I'm happy to announce that the new album is mixed, mastered…done! It contains eight killer tracks and the name of it is 'Death Magic Doom'! The songs are about immortality, depressions, demons, vampires, funerals and the almighty devil that we all know very well, hehe. I love the way we perform here. Rob's [Lowe] singing and Lasse's [Lars Johansson, guitar] soloing are nothing but amazing!! The production is also outstanding! The name 'Death Magic Doom' captures it perfectly! Great name! Love it! Of course, we have the moaning militia on the [official CANDLEMASS] forum, but besides that everybody seem to like the name. AND it is very suitable for an album of this magnitude AND it also describes what CANDLEMASS is about; Heavy, hard, epic, colossal metal!!! I would say that 'Death Magic Doom' is the best album we have done since 'Nightfall' [1987]!! In all, [the LP contains] nearly 50 minutes of bone-crushing and mind-blowing doom metal!!"


Bogme, velike rechi Lajfa..ovako nije hvalio ni "Candlemass", ni "King"a.... Ne mogu da zamislim da izdaju nesto bolje od oba.

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