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Sludge / Stoner preporuke

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Trailer for the feature-length documentary, featuring exclusive interviews and live footage of Neurosis, Isis, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Pelican, Oxbow, Evangelista, Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial O

Majku mu, kad sam vidio da lazagnr više nije moderator pomislio sam: "Ajnštajn nije u pravu. Glupost nije beskonačna." A onda dođem ovdje da bih shvatio da je to bila ona jedna lasta što proljeće ne

http://www.mediaboom.org/371101-old-man-gloom-no-2012.html Old Man Gloom - No 2012   koji kurac, ne radi ovo sranje da se imenuje link...bx

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moze mala pomoc, zanima me valja li neki bend odavde, leva kolona. ja samo znam za EM, a oni mi nisu nesto.






a moze preporuka i za desnu kolonu, tu jedino HoB znam :D

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ајде и овде:


другарица, пар другара и ја кренули са неким блогом/вебзином, па баците поглед (doom, stoner, sludge, occult, psychedelic, NWOBHM...). рецензије, интервјуи, најаве и остала чуда.





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ne vidio je ovo na njihovom fejsu,samo nije okacio sve:






In early 2012 a young 15 year old girl by the name of Amina Filali was sexually assaulted in Rabat, Morocco. It took her two months to build up the courage to tell her parents. Naturally they went to the police. From the moment they reported the crime the crown prosecutors suggested they adhere to Article 475 of the Moroccan penal code. It states that a “kidnapper” of a minor may marry his victim to escape prosecution. Article 475 has been used to justify making a rapist marry his victim in order to preserve the honour of the woman’s family. In Moroccan society, the loss of a woman’s virginity outside of wedlock is a huge stain of honour on her family. Her assailant initially refused the marriage yet eventually agreed when faced with prosecution which could have carried a sentence of 10 to 20 years in prison due to the age of the victim. After the marriage Amina would continually complain to her mother about her husband’s abuse towards her. Her mother counseled patience. So in March of 2013 Amina bought rat poison for the store and swallowed it. When her husband found her body he dragged her through the streets by her hair.

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Nisi shvatio, Jare ide po forumu i obaveštava nas o albumima koji su najviše pet postova iznad njegovog, pa me zanima da li nastavlja tradiciju. ;)

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»This is Occult/Doom Metal of the highest order. Mist have the potential to be something special in the years to come. I can't wait to see what they do next.« - Steve Howe, The Sludgelord


»If this is their rough draft, their full album will be something mighty indeed.« - Gabriel, Ride With The Devil


»Mist are this generations answer to Black Sabbath and Coven.« - Matt Baggins, Two Guys Metal Reviews


»Mist completely bypass the '70s pandering of the occult female-fronted wave going on at the moment and fire up '80s doom metal juggernauts surpassing most current throwback-doom in heaviness.« - Jonslaughter, The Heavy Metal Saloon


»Much like Jex Thoth, her vocals may not be growling, but they are in perfect harmony with her band’s guitar riffs.« - Jasmine Hatton, Metal Master Kingdom


»The opener Phobia is easily the best song of the two with excellent riffs, fantastic vocals and great lead work. The tone of the song is drenched in an occult gloom which I found much to my liking with whispering doubled over the chorus and plenty of tri tone riffage.« - Brendan Butler, Temple Of Perdition


»Especially The Living Dead will blow your mind with the main riff and you feast your ears with Nina Spruk's vocals that seem to come straight from the 70s.« - Dimitris Kontogeorgakos, Metal Kaoz


»Mist totally surprised me with this golden oldie classic-style original-fountain doom.« - Metal Bulletin Zine


»Then again, I get fucken carried away easily with stuff like this. I mean, these girls and Nina Spruk in particular is serious fucken competition for Noora Federley.« - Flemming Gabin, Masterful Magazine


»Vocalist Nina Spruk has something of Jex Thoth in her voice, and is also capable of hitting some reasonably high notes with alacrity. She also sounds as stoned as Zeeb Parkes and as menacing as Scott Reagers: born to be a doom metal singer.« - Jonslaughter, The Heavy Metal Saloon


»Sehr schön und ausdrucksstark ist die Stimme von Sängerin Nina. Erinnert mich an Alia O'Brien von Blood Cermony. Die Frau kann wirklich singen.« - Doomhead, Hell Is Open

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