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Slusam FF od izlaska Digimortal-a i uvek mi je bio plitak album. Govnjivi nu metal sa malo industrije. Veruj mi da sam pokusavao ali Burtonovo repovanje skoro kroz ceo album mi se gadi. Narocito na Li

Digimortal je najgori album koji su ikada uradili! Obsolete i Demanufacture!   Osecam da ce novi album biti dobar!

Mechina djubre.

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A шта је са Матеом? Избачен или сам отишао? Могли су га задржати као другог гитаристу, али Динов его би се вероватно бунио. Ово је сад 2/3 Асесино. Нека врате Кристијана и Рејмонда, миша им шареног!

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"For those that haven't already heard, I've decided to step down as bass player of Fear Factory. The main reason being to simply take some time off of the road and focus on my kids.

I couldn't think of anyone better to take my place then Tony. He's a good friend and great bass player!

Thank you to all Fear Factory fans. You guys have been amazing and made the past three years a blast! Thank you as well to Dino, Burt, and Mike for a great ride, and some memorable / incredible shows! None of which could have happened without our amazing road crew, Wedge, Jerry, Justin, Sarah… you guys rule!


Music is my passion, so this won't be the last time you see me."

-Matt DeVries


"We’re really sad to see Matt Devries go, but we totally respect his decision and wish him the best. The past 3 plus years have been beyond amazing. We've known Matt for a very long time and we’ve gone through allot together so we will always be friends.

We wish him the best of luck on his future endeavors.

-Fear Factory

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"Genexus" track listing:


01. Autonomous Combat System

02. Anodized

03. Dielectric

04. Soul Hacker

05. Protomech

06. Genexus

07. Church Of Execution

08. Regenerate

09. Battle For Utopia

10. Expiration Date


Limited digipak bonus tracks:


11. Mandatory Sacrifice (Genexus Remix)

12. Enhanced Reality



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"Regenerate" i "Protomech" imaju potencijala u imenu.


"Expiration date" je trebalo da im bude ime za album, poshto je red da se odjave vishe.

Edited by Vuk

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Свиђа ми се омот. Избацили су дупло ф и убацили терминатора недовршеног. А и наслови песама су на месту. :) Једва чекам чути ово!


Вуку дебели, тишина! Нема разилажења док их моја маленкост не види још једаред. :P

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