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Do sinoć sam, bio ubeđen da je Judas Priest iz 2004. godine najbolji koncert kojem sam prisustvovao. Ali drago mi je da više nije tako, što zbog toga da je to Hypocrisy, jedan od, za mene, top5 bendov

jebo hypo, dolazi nam sabaton premijerno.

Arrival je najbolji al nekako mi je tisi zvuk na njemu il je takva produkcija?Pustim preko slusalica i osetno je tisi zvuk nego na ostalim albumima.


A pesme su nedojebive,realno


A pogotovu


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Podeti me Pain tema na Hypo, pa evo danas ceo dan preslusavam diskografiju, i evo me na Hypocrisy-ju iz 1999. Mislim da je definitivno meni to najdrazi album...Svaka pesma fenomenalna, od uvodne Fractured Millenium do meni mozda najbolje Hypo balade Paled Empty Sphere !

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meni mozda najbolje Hypo balade Paled Empty Sphere !


Jedno pitanje, podesti me ovo a vidim da se često provlači kroz temu ista izjava - da li mislite da su spore Hypo pesme = balade? Za mene je balada npr Before the dawn od Judasa a za Paled empty sphere, Final chapter... vala ne bih upotrebio taj termin.

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Pa posto se radi o death bendu i u poredjenu sa ostalim pesmama PES jeste balada :smile:. Mada ako kapiram sta hoces da kazes, po tome onda extremniji bendovi i nemaju balade vec pesme sporijeg i brzeg tempa? Prave balade su ti vise npr. u hevi, prog vodama?


Meni su takve pesme nesto najblize sto moze da pridje death metal baladi :]


With that said, moja omiljena Hypo balada je "Elastic Inverted Visions". Sado-balada :D


Evo sad sam je 2 puta obrnula :)

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"Hell Over Sofia - 20 Years Of Chaos And Confusion", the new DVD from Swedish extreme metallers HYPOCRISY, will be released on October 14 via Nuclear Blast. The disc will contain footage of the band's February 27, 2010 concert at the Blue Box club in Sofia, Bulgaria. Guitarist Mikael Hedlund states, "It was a show that had everything! The crowd was helping us doing one of our best shows ever in our history and it was recorded with several cameras. The DVD will also contain a one-and-a-half-hour documentary that will show you our 20 years of chaos and confusion."


He adds, "We would like to give our fans the true story of the past and give them all the details what have happened on our journey over all these years. There are secrets that never have been told plus pictures and clips that never have been shown. This DVD will give you the full cover of HYPOCRISY!"


The band's setlist was as follows:


01. Valley Of The Damned

02. Hang Him High

03. Fractured Millennium

04. Adjusting The Sun

05. Eraser

06. Pleasures of Molestation / Osculum Obscenum / Penetralia

07. Apocalypse / The Fourth Dimension

08. Killing Art

09. A Coming Race

10. Let The Knife Do The Talking

11. Weed Out The Weak

12. Fire In The Sky




13. The Final Chapter

14. Warpath


Encore 2:


15. Roswell 47



Hvala kurcu više.

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