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ALESTORM To Release Black Sails At Midnight In Spring 2009

Posted on Friday, December 19, 2008 at 13:42:26 EST


Napalm Records has issued the following update on Scottish pirate metal act ALESTORM:


"The Scottish buccaneers have not been idle the past few weeks. Besides an occasional raid and plunder, Alestorm entered the studio to work on new material.


The hard work has paid off. Pirate Chris has already confirmed the delivery of hymns in the traditional Alestorm style: Sing-along refrains, keyboard melodies, heavy guitar riffs, and a full mug of rum!


All of that and much more will be found on the upcoming album ?Black Sails At Midnight?, which will be unleashed upon corsairs and landlubbers in the spring of 2009.


Hoist the sails and polish the grapnels."


Earlier this month, the band issued the following:


"Alright lads and lassies,


The last gigs of 2008 are finally over. What a twunting year it's been! When we had our first ever full band rehearsal back in February, I doubt any of us would have imagined we'd get this far. But we're still alive in some shape or form, and ready to kick some more ass in the new year. It's gonna be ace. See you all on the road in 2009!


Until then, here's a cheap and cheerful live *ahem* video of 'Wenches & Mead' we've put together. Enjoy..."


Negde sam jos procitao da album izlazi u aprilu... Jedva cekam :rockdevil:

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Bokca ti, ali ja sam se stvarno nalozio na ovaj bend :] Trebalo mi je vremena da ga nabavim i pustim, pa mi je vremenom postala i odbojna ova Piratemania, i chinilo mi se da su momchad iz Shkocke samo tinejdz sensacija, ali o bokca ti vatrenog, ne mogu da izbacim "Wenches And Mead" danima iz tintare! Sve pesme su vr', samo "Of Treasure" i himna na kraju da se bace u korpu "solidno". Videcemo na sta ce ovogodisnje chedo da lichi.


To the heart of battle ride - The gods are on our side

We'll sail and conquer 'til we die



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Bio im je dobar nastup sinoć. Očigledno ima dosta ljudi kojima prija taj fazon. Mislim da će se za njih tek čuti.

opa kakvi su bili ako moze ono da kazes sta su radili i te stvari


Mislim da ce dosta zavisi od drugog albuma.



nekako mi mnogo kratak prvi album koji sabija :rockdevil:

a onaj EP mi je djene djene

druga i cetvrta pesma kvlt :rockdevil:

Edited by Mita

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Angy je upravu. Kad sam radio intervju sa njima, bas sam ih pitao za RW i evo sta odgovorise:

"Not really! I take more of an influence as a guitrist from folk like Dimebag Darrell, Mick Mars and guitarists like that! Chris suckles at the tit of Bal Sagoth! Haha!

We covered one of their songs once for a laugh cause it was "what was expected" but we don't listen to them!"


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Scottish folk/power metal band ALESTORM will release its new album, "Black Sails At Midnight", via Napalm Records on the following dates:


May 27 - Finland, Spain

May 29 - Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, France, Italy, Spain

Jun. 01 - Rest of Europe

Jun. 02 - USA, Canada


It will be available in normal jewelcase format, and also as a limited-edition digipack with different artwork and a bonus DVD featuring the band's gig from the Wacken Open Air festival in 2008.


"Black Sails At Midnight" track listing:


01. The Quest

02. Leviathan

03. That Famous Ol' Spiced

04. Keelhauled

05. To The End Of Our Days

06. Black Sails at Midnight

07. No Quarter

08. Pirate Song

09. Chronicles of Vengeance

10. Wolves of the Sea


The cover artwork, whcih was designed by Ingo Romling, can be viewed above.


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