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Death / Grind - noviteti


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Skinuh Dawn of Demise,danski death,evo sta pise u recenziji:


..But seriously folks, Dawn Of Demise kicks it old-school, and they definitely kick it. If you’re into Cryptopsy technique or nonstop hyper-blasting, then don’t bother. If you just want to drink some booze, crank up some stomping death metal shit and jump around like a nutjob, then I’d suggest two things: 1) check out this record, and 2) don’t live at my old apartment complex because they get all pissed when you do that. Stupid old people..


Overite ovo


Ako vam se svidi ovde skinite album,jebacki je nema sta


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Dobra je i The Apostate - I: Under The Eyes Of Serpents, II: Transcedental Fusion, III: Gods Bring You Away From Yourself IV: A Strain From Depths V: The Force Dwells Within VI: And All The Waste Will Fade :) :)

:rockdevil: Stvarno je dobar The Apostate.

Od preporuka sa teme sam skinuo i Tribulation-The Horror,stvarno kida album.

Overiće se još koja preporka uskoro.

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Jedan od boljih novih Melodic Death Metal albuma:




*Artist: Blackguard

*Album: Profugus Mortis



*Year: 2009

*Genre: Melodic Death/Folk Metal

*Country: Canada


Link 1

Link 2


Zar ovo nije cist folk?



Overiće se još koja preporka uskoro.


Overi sve moje, nema da omanes :)


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