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nego, je li neko od vas gledao swans '87. u skc-u ili samo ja?


Ne znam, ali poslije one price o Swansima na Brutal temi, mozda jeste Havocka.

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bliss, often erroneously associated with pleasure, true bliss is more accurately understood as the absolute dissolving of Self. As such, Bliss can only be grasped by viewing the phenomenon of one’s own consciousness through a spotless window of emptiness. Looking at one’s face in the mirror should be the same as looking up at an empty sky. Burning one’s thoughts, desires, hopes, dreams, memories in a cleansing bonfire of Bliss is paradoxically the clear way forward towards union with and dissolution into the rushing river of blissful emptiness from which the erroneous notion of self emerged in the first place, only to double back on itself and erase itself as it creates itself, simultaneously. In this sense, it can reasonably be speculated that our thoughts and our experiences are God thinking us into being. Of course the next reasonable question would be to ask who exactly is thinking God into being? It might be proposed that it is we who bring the Divine Presence into being by thinking, while inside that timeless instant God negates us and God’s own thoughts at once, bringing Bliss. In this sense Bliss can be understood as the absence of everything, or the space between or before everything, or the emptiness out of which all phenomena emerge, simultaneously disappearing in the instant they are apprehended, imagined or conceived. Bliss = Absolute Emptiness, which is both crucial and impossible to conceive.–


Michael Gira



link ka projektu

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On November 2,3,4 the heroic (to us, anyway!) line up of Swans, comprised of Norman Westberg, Michael Gira, Christoph Hahn, Phil Puleo, Christopher Pravdica, Paul Wallfisch, and Thor Harris (Thor will be rejoining us for a few songs) will play our final shows together, at Warsaw, in Brooklyn. That's it. No more performances from this group, ever. Our love for each other surpasses all spiritual, aesthetic, and legal boundaries. It's been about 8 years since we first broke bread and incessantly tested each others patience together in a damp Brooklyn basement, but enough is enough. Following this, I will be rethinking Swans completely. I will continue to make music using the name Swans, with a revolving cast of contributors (and with their kind permission, the above sonic titans will also participate, as their schedules, stomachs, and whimsy allow), but as a fixed group, this, the longest consistent line up of Swans, will be finished. As of November 4 we will have thoroughly devoured each others faces, and little flesh will remain clinging to our brittle bones. And yes, we will be performing these last 3 acts of psychic pugilism wearing pink tutus and black facial polka dots... We will be joined by our honored guests Carla Bozulich, Anna von Hausswolff, and Adult., respectively.

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