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Ajd da 'dignem' temu malo, obzirom da danas slusam Abigor i podsjecam se koji je ovo kult. Potonji album je stvarno dobar, fino mi je legao sad kad sam ga preslusao. Odlican nastavak ovih njihovih space BM albuma Satanized i Fractal :da:


Mada prava stvar ostaju njihovi stariji albumi, cak i ovi slabiji objasnjavaju neke stvari novijim BM bendovima.



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We can finally present you the previews


for the next ABIGOR release on End All Life:




EAL066 (2xCD, Part I ‘Channelling The Quintessence Of Satan 2011’,


Part II ‘The Satanic Tapes 1993-94’)


Channelling... drew it’s inspiration from Albrecht Dürer’s Knight, Death & Devil copper engraving (1513) as well as Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal movie (1957). Guitars and drums (recorded in 2 days at Hörnix, december 1998) stem from the original stereo roughmix, yet revised lyrics, rearranged original tracks, new bass and, ultimately, new vocal recordings now raze out everything weak that obstructed the essence of the initial work and transforms it to the purest ABIGOR album so far. Hence we are proud to present you a truly new opus here which condenses our 19 year history and meets the self imposed standard of sophistication, being the quintessential key to truly satanic art (crushing all amateurish atheistic dark metal around, wrongly calling itself Black Metal).

The second part of Quintessence consists of the 4 demos in it’s entirety, most primitively recorded in 1993/94 on 4 tracks.


Together with Channelling... The Satanic Tapes testify ABIGOR’s roots and tradition.

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Super je ovo, za razliku od Burzum i Gorgoroth ovde se vidi da je puno truda uloženo. Ona "obrada" od Dead Can Dance baš dobro zvuči. Abigor ne umeju da razočaraju.



Jel si ti tražio na metalarea link za prvi Heidenreich? Postaviću kasnije, za nekih 2 sata, spor mi je internet.


I Channeling je odličan album, preslušaj ponovo. ;)

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