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Dobro, nije najslabiji Primordial do sada, ali najslabiji za poslednjih sigurno...15 godina :D Ili ovako, da kažemo da je Redemption uspeo da iznese pritisak nastavka na TTND, ali da ovaj nije uspeo da iznese pritisak dva dobra albuma zaredom (isto mi za Overkill ove godine).


Favoriti su mi naslovna, Come The Flood, Ghosts (onaj break je predobar) "Wield Lightning...". "Born To Night" isto jako dobra, samo prerazvučen početak, trebalo ono u neki intro da se preseče.


Alan raspičio, ovog puta čini mi se sa najmanje black vokala ikada. Tekstovi isto, ovaj deo najbolji:


If the church had one neck

I would wring it

If the state had one artery

I would sever it

Torches to the parliament of swine

And iron to the rights of fools



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Nije DVD, audio rip je. Nego naleteh na ovo, Alan kao da je video ovu temu:


We've forged our own path and created our own sound, our own signature things that are relatable. And sometimes we say to ourselves in rehearsal ‘this sounds like something that we did 10 years ago', we sort of think it is okay sometimes to rip ourselves off because we created this angle in the first place.


Apsolutno logično.


I ovo mu je vrh.


I feel sorry for kids growing up who listened to Bullet for My Valentine when I had Metallica - Master of Puppets


Nije se izjasnio da je MoP kopija RtL :ph34r:


Ceo intervju http://eternal-terror.com/articles/index.php?id=1379&type=B

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