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Linkovi za download albuma

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Retko postujem bilo shta, ali chim neshto napishem homitji sa ovog bedog foruma pokopaju minusima! Samo napred!! Kako ste samo kul!

wat   više od čega?     to što ja imam 16 godina i saršeno telo ne znači da sam glup

lol, koji paćenik mi je dao minus zato sto sam rekao da je Petrov link kul?



Yellow Loveless is a tribute album featuring cover versions of the 11 songs from My Bloody Valentine's 1991 record Loveless. The album was released on January 23, 2013 by High Fader Records, coincidentally just after the announcement of My Bloody Valentine's upcoming third studio album.

The album features exclusively covers by Japanese artists from various genres, including sludge metal band Boris and pop punk group Shonen Knife.


1. Tokyo Shoegazer – Only Shallow

2. Goatbed – Loomer

3. The Sodom Project – Touched

4. Lemons Chair – To Here Knows When

5. Shonen Knife – When You Sleep

6. Tokyo Shoegazer – I Only Said

7. Age Of Punk – Come In Alone

8. Boris – Sometimes

9. Shinobu Narita – 4-D Mode1-Blown A Wish

10. Lemons Chair – What You Want

11. Sadesper Record – Soon



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A brilliant band of lunatics out of Boston, Guerilla Toss is a five-piece ensemble that mixes noise, improvisation, complex composition and song forms with a punk rock aesthetic that verges on madness. Known for their intense live shows, they have garnered a cult following in the underground rock scene. Their first CD release captures all the intensity, control and insanity of their spectacular live performances.

Blasting forth with the raging “Cash Now” the bands music brings to mind ensembles like Zorn’s Painkiller or Japanese noise bands. They develop a powerful collective improvisation, incorporating electronics and potent drumming. The title “Diluted Fetus Circuit Tycoon” kind of gives you an idea where the music is headed, with the amped-up guitar, bass and drums lay waste to the proceedings aided and abetted by synthesizer and wordless vocal








CD 1
  1. “To Be Kind”
  2. “Just a Little Boy”
  3. “Coward”
  4. “She Loves Us!”
  5. “Oxygen…”

CD 2

  1. “The Seer” / “Bring the Sun” / “Toussaint L’ouverture”
  2. “Nathalie Neal”
  3. “Kirsten Supine” (Demo)
  4. “Screen Shot” (Demo)







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SOLID GROUND - Open Silence (2013)


1.Inner Voice 03:58

2.The Only 05:40

3.Minotaur's Dream 04:27

4.Waiting To Be Found 07:02

5.Inhale 05:01

6.Open Silence 06:55

7.Panic 03:19

8.Inner Voice pt.2 06:00

9.Liberation 05:22





Andrija Pejović - Guitar/Vocal

Ivan Pejović - Bass/Guitar

Strahinja Kovačević - Trumpet/Organ/Keyboard/Vocal

Nikola Vicković - Drums

Tamara Brajović - Vocal


Artists We Also Like

Led Zeppelin, Pain of Salvation, Frank Zappa, ELP, Pink Floyd

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Tracks.: cd1: 15 cd2: 14

Label..: Warp Records

Genre... Electronic

Source.: CDDA

Grabber: EAC

Encoder: LAME 3.98r

Quality: mp3 VBRkbps 44,1kHz Joint-Stereo

RipDate: Oct-14-2013




01 The Beige Lasers - Smoulderville (Clark Remix) 02:30

02 DM Stith - Braid Of Voices (Clark Remix) 05:22

03 Amon Tobin - Kitchen Sink (Clark Remix) 04:20

04 Nathan Fake - Fentiger (Clark Remix) 04:32

05 Clark - Alice (Redux) 03:45

06 Kuedo - Glow (Clark Remix) 04:04

07 Barker And Baumecker - Spur (Clark Remix) 06:00

08 Silverman - Cantstandtherain (Clark Remix) 03:25

09 Rone - Let's Go (Clark Remix) 05:09

10 Nils Frahm - Peter (Clark Remix) 06:27

11 Glen Velez - Bendir (Clark Remix) 05:48

12 Clark - Absence (Bibio Remix) 06:28

13 Clark - Ted (Bibio Remix) 04:27

14 Vampillia - Sea (Clark Remix) 06:10

15 Prince Myshkin - Cold Caby (Clark Remix) 03:37




01 Massive Attack - Red Light (Clark Remix) 04:27

02 Battles - My Machines (Clark Remix) 04:03

03 Letherette - D&T (Clark Remix) 04:30

04 Clark - Growls Garden (Nathan Fake Remix) 06:46

05 Aufgang - Dulceria (Clark Remix) 06:00

06 Maximo Park - Let's Get Clinical (Clark Remix) 04:20

07 The Terraformers - Evil Beast (People In The Way) (Clark Remix) 01:50

08 Clark - Suns Of Temper (Bear Paw Kicks Version) 05:02

09 Health - Die Slow (Clark Remix) 04:24

10 Depeche Mode - Freestate (Clark Remix) 04:47

11 Mr. Boggle - Siberian Hooty / Fallen Boy (Clark Remix) 03:23

12 Drvg Cvltvre - Hammersmashed (Clark Remix) 04:52

13 Milanese - Mr Bad News (Clark Remix) 04:56

14 Feynman's Rainbow - The Galactic Tusks (Clark Remix) 05:52


Total 137:1



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