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brate, to sam ja cuo, postoje sasvim reprezentativni snimci po youtube gde se mogu cuti nove neke pesme, izbacili su sad skoro ovaj singl, ne verujem da je studijski previse drugacije od toga, ali verovatno su reprezentativne dovoljno da mozes da skapiras u kom su fazonu pesme

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well,, nobility is nothing without certain virtues, and patience is one of them, surely

and here it is, in it's full glory!,, the brand new release of GB and with that, the 10'th official one, released specifically for bands 20'th anniversary...


this anniversary/this year, is pretty significant regarding the numbers,and magic of them, (not to say that i like mathematics!) it is also 20'th anniversary of the first 2 official albums: http://gonebald.bandcamp.com/album/jesus-is-coming-soon


,,as well as 20 years after hitchhiking to Amsterdam-Holland from Zagreb-Croatia.

(and yeah,,there's more,,but i can't/won't serve everything on your plate,,do some work yourself <if interested?> with the menu, dude!?..

the digital copy of this album is a GIFT (a free gift) to all who care,and have cared throughout the years.

there's a big chance that there will be some limited edition CD's, (with the wonderful artwork by: " This Town Needs Posters" ,,the same wonderful artwork featured here,) but more about that later on,,

amongst other things planned for & regarding all this, we are going on the tour end May, in Austria,Slovenia and Croatia.

Germany and possibly some others countries we have in mind for October,,

that's it for now,,i guess?,,

enjoy the ride!...






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