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Running Wild


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Evo vam od mene nešto za NG:


ReUnation - A Tribute To Running Wild [best of/compilation]

*Year: 2009

*Genre: Heavy/Speed/Power Metal

*Country: Many

*Format: [email protected]

*Size: 361MB





1.Riding The Storm - PowerWolf 06:41

2.Soul Vampires - Fate 04:26

3.The Battle Of Waterloo - Orden Ogan 06:59

4.Resurrection - Esenia 05:42

5.Angel Of Mercy - 5th Sonic Brigade 04:07

6.Siberian Winter - Satanochio 07:31

7.When Time Runs Out - Deadlock 03:38

8.Ballad Of William Kidd - Skiltron 08:37

9.The Rivalry - MotorJesus 05:15

10.Marooned - Suidakra 06:01

11.Welcome To Hell - Thunderstorm feat. Preacher (Ex-Running Wild) 04:22

12.Firebreather - Withering Soul 04:07

13Faceless - Warhead 04:28

14.Tsar - Wild Knight feat. Frank Knight (Ex-X-Wild) & Majk Moti (Ex-Running Wild) 06:19




1.Draw The Line - Jose Juan Gallego 01:46

2.Victory - Magica 04:37

3.Conquistadores - Chinchilla 05:46

4.Return Of The Gods - Hellish War 05:33

5.Pirate Song - Overtures 03:25

6.Gods of Iron'09 - Burning Point feat. Majk Moti (Ex-Running Wild) 03:50

7.Under Jolly Roger - Custard 04:32

8.Detonator - Seven Seas 04:27

9.Little Big Horn - Halor 05:24

10.Timeriders - Thunderblast 04:22

11.Libertalia - Crystal Viper 03:51

12.Blazon Stone - Evertale 06:32

13.Into The Fire - Winters Dawn 04:02

14.Masquerade - Heavenly 04:19

15.Dr. Horror - Solemnity 04:53

16.Victim Of States Power - Witchtrap 03:34

17.Fight The Fire Of Hate - Ravage 07:12






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Ako ste bas lenji uzmite bar probajte obrade od sledecih bendova:

Powerwolf, Fate, Satanochio, Magica, Hellish War, Burning Point.


Opet, sa naglaskom na Satanokija :haha:



Uglavnom, za dosta obrada "novijih" pesama, glavna prednost su 'ljudski' bubnjevi! Stvarno se doda dobar smek, jos ako malo bolja produkcija...Eto, Fate npr., 'ajde bubnjevi, nego i klavijature neke dodate, i od prosecne RW pesme su napravili cudo! Jedna od retkih obrada a da mogu da kazem da JESTE bolja od originala. Burning Point je takodje vrlo blizu sa fantasticnim "Gods Of Iron"!


Jedine neke zamerke mogu da mi idu 5th Sonic Brigade-u i jos jednima na maliciozno losim obradama i Heavenly-u.

Zasto Heavenly? Ne zbog njih samih, nikad ih nisam nesto slusao, znao sam samo da su helloweenish 2nd rate power...ali obozavam ovu pesmu i dao bih da me keelhal-uju 2 dana samo da cujem ovo uzivo. A sta su gospoda uradila...napravila 2nd rate power pesmu sa SRAMOTNO ocajnim vokalom, koji ne mogu da verujem da je stvarno lead vokal u nekom bendu...posebno ovde kukam, jer su ovi kao poznati. FIRE HIM FOR GOD'S SAKE! Kap'ram doduse da bi original mogao da se poboljsa samo sa boljom produkcijom, nista vise...


Anyhow, probajte Satanokija :]


I Burning Point.

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RUNNING WILD's mainman, Rock'n'Rolf Kasparek, has issued the following update on the delay in the release of the above-mentioned DVD/CD:


"I want to sincerely thank all RUNNING WILD fans who attended the show in Wacken and made it an unforgettable moment for me and the band. As you have kept up with that weather, respect! Really. Awesome! But I want also welcome all other RUNNING WILD fans who were not in Wacken, for you will certainly already been waiting on the live DVD and have to wonder why it is not appearing.


"There are a few problems. The company that was responsible for the recordings, unfortunately, messed up the individual tracks. They are lost and the company tried to recover the data for three months. Unfortunately, now we only have a stereo track, and we had to consider alternative ways in which we want to edit the whole thing and what we can do with it.


"I just started to sift through the material, and we will probably — as it looks like by now — to be finished with this work in March. There are many bonus features: many interviews with myself, there are many other things from my private archives, that is, recordings of the old tours, backstage stuff, fun stuff and so on. So this DVD will be a work of art. That is why you have to wait a little longer for it to be released.


"The problem, as I said, was that we first have to see now what we do with all this material, what we can use and what we cannot. That was just the thing, and so I just wanted to briefly explain why it takes so long because everyone has probably already asked: 'What are they doing? Do they have too much time now?' It's just that we have much work with it, and this will take some time.


"But, of course, there's another reason why I am sending you this message today: I would like to wish you all a nice 2010, with much luck and many good things for you all.


"We will see each other! And I have to do something now... Take care. Bye!"



o_0 Super da su izgubili proklete snimke...

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Ovo je svirano na Wacken-u:



01 - Chamber Of Lies 6:07

02 - Intro 2:08

03 - Port Royal 4:47

04 - Bad To The Bone 5:34

05 - Riding The Storm 5:40

06 - Soulless 6:25

07 - Prisoner Of Our Time 7:03

08 - Black Hand Inn 5:55

09 - Purgatory 6:33

10 - The Battle Of Waterloo 8:12

11 - Drum Solo 3:39

12 - Raging Fire 4:04

13 - The Brotherhood 7:27

14 - Draw The Line 4:14

15 - Whirlwind 5:46

16 - Tortuga Bay 4:14

17 - Branded And Exiled 7:07

18 - Raise Your Fist 9:02

19 - Conquistadores 7:02

20 - Under Jolly Roger 7:45

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