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The Stone


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Solidan festival, posecenost sasvim ok. Bilo je po mojoj proceni nesto preko 200 ljudi.
Dosao je pun Autobus iz Zrenjanina sto je oko 50 ljudi i bilo je jedno 150 ljudi sto lokalaca, sto ljudi iz ostalih gradova.
Koliko god ljudima bilo smesno ali privuci oko 150 ljudi iz razlicitih gradova koji su tu doputovali svojim organizovanim prevozom je danas uspeh za takve svirke.
Nazalost zvuk je bio poprilicno veliki problem, a The Stone mi je zvucao ubedljivo najgore od svih bendova.
Stalno se gube instrumenti i spajaju u gomilu buke i u miksu sve te buke kao u pozadini Glad-ov vokal.
Setlista ok, nisam nista drugo ni ocekivao. Mesavina pesama iz "novijeg" perioda i dve stare Dabog i Serbian Woods.

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Drakkar Productions & Mailorder (Official)

The Stone is a sinister Black Metal entity formed in 1996 and Located in Belgrade, Serbia 🇷🇸 
The band has never ceased to embrace the darkness as the primal mark on its artistic shoulders and with plethora of releases, tours and festival appearances under their belt, proved to be one of the strongest and uncompromised musical entities over the past two decades.
Drakkar productions is proud to present 8 brand new reissues from their prolific discography, including : 
- Neke rane krvare večno ("Some Wounds Bleed Forever", 2007)
- Slovenska krv ("Slavic Blood", 2002)
- Zakon Velesa ("The Law of Veles", 2004)
- Magla  ("The Fog", 2006)
- Umro ("Deceased", 2009)
- Golet ("Barrenness", 2011)
- Nekroza ("Necrosis", 2014)
- Teatar apsurda ("Theater of the Absurd", 2017)
All are very limited Digipack editions, only 200 copies each. so grab yours now!


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