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Uh, što mrzim čekanje. Bukvalno neko dođe i kaže: "Mi smo se pojavili čisto da vas iscimamo, da nas ne zaboravite. Ali nećemo još. A i kad kažemo da hoćemo, verovatno nećemo. I ako budemo, do tada ćet

Last month we recorded all the guitar riffs for the new album, and Protector recorded already his vocal lines. Silenius will do his vocal parts in the next weeks.


We replaced the original intro with a new one (which has a stronger intro feeling), the old one will be transformed into an instrumental track, which maybe will be used as a bonustrack together with the missing song from the othbound session.


The new albums will be entitled "Old Mornings Dawn". A one minute teaser is in progress and will be available on the Napalm Records homepage soon.

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U jednom momentu je sve bilo mirno, a već u sledećem je Fejs eksplodirao ovom slikom, tako da sam znala da produžim pravo ovamo.

Ne znam zašto, ali isprva sam pomislila da gledam u Oath Bound. :haha:

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We have finished all vocals and choirs for the new album. This means that we slowly come to an end now. Until the end of the month we have to finalize the sound, the booklet and the two bonus songs. This time we also have an English speaker who contributed with some spoken words for two songs. At the end of this month give the master CD to napalm records and fix the release-date which probably will be in march or April.

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So it is done finally. Today, after seven years of silence we have finished the work for our new album "Old Mornings Dawn". The master tape is on its way to Napalm Records. As soon as they fix a release date (which is probably in may), the one minute teaser will be on-line on their homepage. We think this will happen during the next days.

The new CD will consist on 7 songs and one intro. Here is the track list of the forthcoming Album.

1. Evernight

2. Flammifer

3. Old Mornings Dawn

4. The white Tower

5. Caradhras

6. Of pale white Morns and darkened Eves

7. The wandering Fire

8. Earthshine

We also have finished two bonus tracks called "The Darkening of Valinor" and "With Fire and Sword". These tracks will be on the limited CD version and on the LP version. The first track was originally supposed to be the intro of the album, but later was reworked into a instrumental track; similar to those on "Lost Tales". The second one is the missing song from the "Oathbound" session; just a little bit reworked.

During the next weeks we will make a relaunch of our homepage. So take a look up and then.

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Koliko mrzim ove "operatic" zenske vokale, slusam sad Stronghold, i ima zanimljivih momenata, ali u Where Hope and Daylight Die mi se slatko "operska" pevacica israla po mozgu, em je SRANJE vokal, em kad zafalsira, govna mi se prijedu.

Ne znam zasto se ljudi tripuju da je takav vokal super.


A programirani bubnjevi+klavijatura zvuce vecim delom albuma kao "Uci me majko, karaj me" :haha:

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