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tema za pedere i dukatlije (random)

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daj neki minus onda....

Mita je deo Mislimo-da-smo-mnogo-kul-ako-slušamo-i-metal-ali-i-narodnjake-ložimo-se-na-Baju-Malog-Knindžu-i-idemo-po-kafanama® Crew.

upravo mi je greskom stigao neverovatan sms izgleda od neke zene koja pljuje muza, frapirao sam se, ovo mora da postoji na jumetalu.   ''Ti to sto mi jebes kod toga si i posao moje sve su nasa deca.



She fled the Holocaust and subsequently composed music for some iconic singers, but now 96-year-old Inge Ginsberg is known as “Death Metal Grandma.”

The New York Times has unveiled a short documentary on the fascinating Ginsberg, who grew up in Austria. Just prior to World War II, she escaped the Holocaust by fleeing to a refugee camp in Switzerland. She would eventually move to Los Angeles with her husband, and together they would go on to compose music for Nat King Cole, Doris Day and Dean Martin.

Ginsberg, who now spends her time between New York and Switzerland, continued to write lyrics and poems in her older age, and when a musician friend named Pedro Da Silva read them, he told her they sounded like death metal lyrics. Ginsberg went on to form the metal band TritoneKings with Da Silva and other musicians. While the music is heavy, it’s not exactly death metal. However, Ginsburg’s lyrics are quite heavy in nature, dealing with some of the struggles she’s endured and witnessed through the years.

A few years ago, Ginsberg and her band released a video for a song “Laugh at Death.” They’ve also performed on Switzerland’s Got Talent and even auditioned for America’s Got Talent.

Watch the full New York Times documentary on Inge Ginsberg below, followed by the music video for “Laugh at Death.”

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evo albuma, malo me atmosfera u nekim momentima podsetila na Voices-London


Preporuka iliti sto bi komenatr sa YT bio "It's a long time ago that an album made me feel genuinely uneasy, and I mean that in the best way possible. This immersive experience reminded me of listening to Miles Davis' Bitches Brew (a dark forest of tones with Miles' trumpet as tortured screams), Dodecahedon and Portal for the very first time. You found that common ground between jazz and experimental black/death metal perfectly and execute it in a completely mindblowing fashion. Thank you for breaking boundaries!"

jbga dugo sam vrtela bitches brew za relaxiranje mozga ove godine...

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aha, odlični bili. zbog njih i slaves-a sam prvenstveno i išao. žao mi je samo što još uvek dosta mali broj ljudi zna za njih kod nas. ja kome god sam preporučio, nisu čuli za njih. ali ovi što sam uspeo da ih nagovorim da ih overe na egzitu egzitu, nisu se pokajali.

bio je live stream na tjubu, ali su uklonili snimak dan-dva nakon festivala. valjda će vratiti kad odstoji još malo, imaju snimci od prethodnih godina.

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