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Poupee је срећа типа wine of aluqah али има неопростив пад после оног интермеца и другог рефрена, никако није смела да иде строфа и да издува напетост која се дотле градила, што се крис није мало потрудио да смисли нешто, да тера песму даље узбрдо, макар да једном понови рефрен

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Pošto nemaju svi FB, a na sajtu još nije objavljeno, evo kompletne najave (između ostalog, izlazi i onaj snimak koncerta iz Budimpešte 2007. sa Messiah-om, ona 20th Anniversary turneja kad su bili i kod nas):


THERION – release »Theli« Deluxe-Edition & new 3-DVD »Adulruna Redivia And Beyond«


On February 21st there will be two new releases of THERION coming up, the deluxe edition CD + DVD of their all-time classic »Theli« as well as a 3-DVD package (limited edition incl. bonus DVD) called »Adulruna Redivia And Beyond«.


»Theli« was the fifth studio album of THERION, being released on August 1996. The successful album features THERION’s legendary hit 'To Mega Therion' as well as the outstanding 10-minutes epos 'The Siren Of The Woods' and the hymn 'Cults Of The Shadow'. It features two different choirs and a.o. Dan Swanö from EDGE OF SANITY as a gust singer.


The deluxe edition of »Theli« has three more bonus tracks: 'In Rememberance', 'Black Fairy' and the SCORPIONS cover version 'Fly To The Rainbow' as well as a bonus DVD with the entire album performed live.


On top there will be a double live DVD + bonus DVD, limited edition Digipak called »Adulruna Redivia And Beyond«. The two shows were recorded live in Atlanta in 2011 and in Budapest 2007.


“The concert recorded in Hungary was a concert on the “Adulruna Rediviva” 20 year Anniversary-Tour in December. The idea of the tour was to play the entire Theli album + a set consisting of songs that the fans had voted for on the band web page. Piotr Wawrzeniuk and our old friend Messiah Marcolin joined in to make this evening extra special. The concert in Atlanta was the band‘s only show in the USA since 2007 and was shot during the band‘s headline performance at the ProgPower festival 2011”, commented the band.


The tracklist will be like this:


DVD 1:


01. The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah

02. Son Of The Sun

03. Midgård

04. Asgård

05. The Wine Of Aluqah

06. Wisdom And The Cage

07. Kali Yuga I

08. Kali Yuga II

09. Kali Yuga III

10. Lemuria

11. Via Nocturna

12. An Arrow From The Sun

13. Typhon

14. Ginnungagap

15. Preludium

16. To Mega Therion

17. Cults Of The Shadows

18. In The Desert Of Set

19. Interludium

20. Nightside Of Eden

21. Opus Eclipse

22. Invocation Of Naamah

23. The Siren Of The Woods

24. Grand Finale / Postludium

25. Adulruna Rediviva

26. Black Funeral


DVD 2:


01. Sitra Ahra

02. The Wine Of Aluqah

03. Typhon

04. Perennial Sophia

05. Hellequin

06. Nifelheim

07. Clavicula Nox

08. Voyage Of Gurdjieff

09. Ljusalfheim

10. Dies Irae

11. Ginnungagap

12. Kali Yuga III

13. Call Of Dagon

14. Siren Of the Woods

15. The Wild Hunt

16. Blood Of Kingu

17. Lemuria

18. Abraxas

19. The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah

20. To Mega Therion

21. Quetzalcoatl


Bonus DVD 3:


01. 011- An Adventure with Therion

02. 011 - Documentary And Behind The Scenes

03. Amazing Voice


“011 is the name of a board game made by the italian game manufacturer Scribabs. In a very ambitious way to market the game, they made this fantastic short film, starring the band members as actors, playing their roles in the game. The main man behind the game and the film, Paolo Vallerga, is currently writing a novel on the story behind the game and there are even some plans for a movie. To learn more about this great game and to purchase it, please visit: http://www.scribabs.com/

Amazing Voice is a japanese TV-program about great singers. This episode had Thomas Vikström as main focus and the TV-team flew to Sweden to interview Thomas and record some live singing exclusively for the program.”


A new THERION studio album is also scheduled for late 2014.

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Još jedan ekser u mrtvački sanduk Theriona koji neumorno grade posljednjih godina:


"Now it’s time for another change. Due to family and work related reasons, Lori has decided that she will withdraw from touring. The coming tour in Latin America will be her last performances with the band. Her final performance will be in Mexico City on May 31.

Nevertheless, she will continue working with us on the rock opera and she will also sing on the studio version of it. "

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The final part of the Art Project is this video clip:




90% or more of the viewers aren’t gonna understand the meaning of it, just like with the previous Les Fleurs du Mal related videos. No matter if you like, dislike or feel nothing about this clip, please do me a favour and share the clip all of you. You sharing it will be the final act of the Art Project.



The Art Project is hereby ended. I have explained some small things about it in the Secrets Revealed on the latest DVD and in interviews. I have started to write a short book about the rest of it for those who are interested. It has been an interesting experience. Maybe I do something similar for the 50 year anniversary.


Now I just look forward to work hard on finishing the Rock Opera this year.

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