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Očigledno ništa od novog koncerta ovde. Mogao bi se napravi neki izlet do Pešte. :)




Karte mogu i kod nas da se kupe.



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Today I have some very important announcements to make.

I normally don't reveal the future road map of Therion. Mostly because there usually isn't any, we just do things. This time, however, there are long-term plans.

This is the short version:

• We are working on a metal rock opera. It will take a couple of years to realize. Because of that there won't be a regular Therion album for quite a few years. 5 years? 10? Who knows…

• I am, (with the help of the Band), making an art project to celebrate the 25-year anniversary of the Band. Releasing a CD is a part of the project and it will initially only be available for purchase from the Band (at live concerts and via the Therion Store) in the form of a special edition. Distribution and licensing will follow of the regular editions.

• We won't be doing any regular touring for many years.

• There will be a meet and greet with me (and any other members that want to come along) at all European shows. When possible, I will be hanging at the merchandise booth for several hours every day.

For you who want more details, here's the longer version:



Ten years ago or something I started to work on an opera, but I never managed to finish it. I wrote most of the highlights (the hit parts), but I never managed to write the bridges between them, the "boring" parts needed to glue it all together and just serve as a background for the singers to sing and act the play. Some years ago it suddenly struck my mind; "why not just do what you do best? Re-arrange the opera stuff you've written and do it as opera metal instead." I already borrowed parts from the opera for Blood of Kingu earlier, so why not go all the way and make the worlds first REAL rock opera. What is otherwise referred to with that expression is rather some sort of rock musical, let's do a rock/metal opera with only opera singing, with a synopsis, and perform it like that (with pre-recorded orchestra if needed for financial reasons).

However, completing this rather gigantic project that involved writing music, synopsis/lyrics and designing scenery, clothing etc., will be taking quite some time. Years probably. I don't want to work under pressure, things should grow naturally.

Meanwhile, to entertain the fans and to do something I wanted to do for several years, there will be an art project in the spirit of celebrating our 25-year anniversary. Fact is this art project was already started in secret some time ago. It will be introduced right before the tour or on the day of the first show.

The art project is mainly focused around music, but it also contains visual art and certain acts of art. As for the music, it will be released on a CD that will initially only be sold directly from the Band. It will be available at the concerts and put into retail later. For those of you not being able to attend the shows, the Therion Store will offer it.

Flowers of evil tour

The concept of this tour is for it to be a bit of everything:

- Presenting the new project with a few tracks.

- Doing several massive songs like Land of Canaan, Via Nocturna etc. Many of these songs don't make sense without a keyboard player, so as this time we have one with us, it's a great opportunity to have a special focus on those type of tracks.

- Playing some never before played old songs. A new Therion concert should never be predictable.

- Doing a bunch of Therion all time classics of course!

This will be the last regular tour we do in a while, as we will be working on the rock (metal) opera and we will only do performances related to the art project (if there's interest for it), the rock (metal) opera when it is ready, and maybe some acoustic shows, we have been talking about that for a while. We'll of course play some festivals from time to time where we do regular (but much shorter) sets, but as there won't be any new regular album, there won't be any regular tours. Not until we have finished the rock (metal) opera, performed it live as much as we can, taken a break and then put together a regular album again. That will take a couple of years for sure. So we are closing an era and opening a new period that will be quite different.

Also, to celebrate the 25-year anniversary I would really like to meet properly with you guys who made it possible to get this far. I am normally quite shy and have tons of stuff do to on the laptop and rather hide in the tour bus or backstage most of the time (except in Latin America where we always have a tight schedule). Not this time around. I will be trying to hang at the merch booth as much as possible. So mostly there will be no organized 1-hour lined up meet and greet/signing session. I’d rather hang there for several hours every day, so that everyone who wants to can get a personally dedicated CD, a photo and a chat without any stress. Ever wanted to ask something, complain about something, give congratulations for something or just drink a beer with someone who made music that meant something to you? There will be time for all that on this tour.

Les Fleurs du Mal CD

The CD has 15 tracks, but the edition sold at the concerts will have a bonus track and you will get a small poster with it. My aim is to sign and personally dedicate every single one of them at the shows.

The CD itself is fully financed by me. Nuclear Blast thought it was a bit too spectacular and we have totally different visions about how we should work on such a project. I've had a fantastic relationship with that wonderful label over the years. I've had total artistic freedom and much patience from them in a way that most other artists at our level only could dream of at many labels. So rather than having disagreements and make compromises, I suggested I release it by myself instead and they generously gave me their blessings for it. So our relation has never been better than now.

Financing a full Therion audio production mixing at ToyTown with the fantastic Stefan Glaumann, paying for orchestra and the Band members and many, many other things isn't cheap. To be more precise, it cost 75.000 euro. On top of that I also carried costs for video clips, photo session and the costs for creating the art and stuff for the CD. I don't have that kind of cash lying around in a drawer at home, so I had to go to the Bank and take a loan. I have always bragged about how I never compromise and am ready to risk everything with each release. It's easier to say that when you have a record label being a bank for you. This time I had to put my money where my mouth is. So if you buy the CD, you don't just buy a record with music, you buy a share of an idea, the idea and concept of art where the artist really risks everything to be able to bring out what he wants. Some of you will like the CD, some maybe not. But if you feel that I've done something worth raising a toast to over the years, there will be no better way of showing your appreciation than buying this CD. It will be sold at 15 euros and I hope the majority of those going to the shows will walk home with it after the shows.

I've been called risky and more crazy than usual with my ideas for this art project, by some of those very few who have been initiated into the mysteries of it. Even within the Band there has been quite some strong feelings about it. And clearly the record label didn't think they had a smash hit in their hands. This pretty much reminds me about the feeling when Theli was recorded. I recall the record label saying: "Do you really think we can sell this? What will your fans say?". But they didn't have much other choice than releasing it and hope for the best. They had just invested more money in the sound production than with any other Band in the history of the label - on a Band that didn't sell many records. But there were people at the label who really liked it too and carefully believed in it. Like the boss Marcus Steiger. But in the Band the atmosphere was really bad. The bass player Lars hated it to the core. "Fucking opera shit!!". The guitarist Jonas didn't like it either, it was "too much classical stuff and opera, should have been just some small elements of it as a spice". Drummer Piotr kind of liked it, but thought it as kind of odd and didn't have too much hope for it (just like myself, who thought it would flop too). But it turned out to be the album that made Therion a big band.

This time at least half of the Band thinks it's great stuff and believe in it. But now I'm risking my own money and not the record labels. When I took the decision of borrowing money and release it myself, I was officially declared out of order in the head by some people familiar with the matter. Well, we will see about that. When a fan buy a CD directly from a band it counts as if they bought 10 CD's at the store released via a record label. With loyal fans buying many CD's at the concerts, a big part of the production costs will be recovered.

Snowy will work on his own stuff meanwhile

Out of all session vocalists that Therion has worked with over the years, no one has come as close to the band as Snowy, who has been a vital part of our records and live shows for the last number of years. Now when Therion is going into another phase and Snowy did not feel the same enthusiasm as we do for making this art project and rock opera, he has decided to work with his own projects instead. He did a smaller contribution to "Les Fleurs du Mal" which sounds awesome and we're happy for that, but if he don't feel this is what he is supposed to do, then we think his decision is the right thing and he has our full support. We are sure he will create some really amazing stuff with his own project!

However, we would like to stress the fact that there are no doors shut. When we are done with our projects in a number of years and call to arms for the next regular album, we will see where things stand and what Snowy is up to at the moment. If he's available and we feel inspired together, he is more than welcome to continue where we left. If not, we feel we had a great round off with him through our long co-operation with the 25 year Anniversary tour we did in Latin America earlier this year and hope he will be successful with his own projects.


Here is a comment from Snowy him self on the matter as well:

"What can I say, I'm truly grateful for the years I had with Therion where I've had the pleasure of touring the four corners of the world as a singer and frontman and meeting and making tons of new fans and friends for life, but over the last few years the urge to move on and do my own thing has become increasingly stronger and so far in my life I've always followed my heart and what makes me happy and I see no reason why I should stop now."




Christofer Johnsson, September 2012

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Ozbiljno ti se toliko svideo? Mislim, meni je solidan, sa nekoliko lošijih pesama i ljigavih trenutaka, tako da ga ne bih nazvao albumom karijere.


Upade Starshoter, nadam se će ovoga puta biti nežan. :redface:

Edited by Lou

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El ima neki glup album da tebi nije album karijere



Ozbiljno ti se toliko svideo? Mislim, meni je solidan, sa nekoliko lošijih pesama i ljigavih trenutaka, tako da ga ne bih nazvao albumom karijere.


Upade Starshoter, nadam se će ovoga puta biti nežan. :redface:

To mi je njihov najbolji album ubedljivo, nakon toga vise nista nisu ni morali da izdaju. Nema lose pesme, lose sekunde.

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Album jes dobar, ali stvarno nije nikakav vrhunac.


Elem, citao sam intervju koji je neko okacio na prosloj strani, stvarno mi je preko kurca zasto svaki put kaze da ce album biti drugaciji, najbolji itd....


Nuclear Blast ga je sutnuo jer nije hteo vise da slusa njegove uvrnute ideje. Ovaj put Therion - tj Kris izdaje album sam, tj nikakve kompromise nece morati da slusa i imace odresene ruke.


Bas me zanima kakav ce biti novi album.

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