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Hey all. Working on some mailorder today. In the meantime, if you haven't seen via my personal page yet, I started a new electro/industrial/IDM band called Piggy Black Cross. I've thus far refrained from posting about it in Kayo Dot channels because I think of it as IDM/EBM/Industrial and I don't want people to think of it as a prog-rock or metal thing - it's *not*! For example, if you go take a look at my singer-songwriter ballads album, "Madonnawhore," online, it'll often show up with "metal" as a tag, which is totally wrong and ridiculous. I've been wanting to avoid that here. Then, I saw Justin Broadrick's new terrifying hip-hop band, ZONAL, at Roadburn Festival the other day, and how well the crossover was received, and I perhaps changed my mind about keeping PBC separate from the KD universe. All of this is to say that Piggy Black Cross is about to begin booking some tour dates for the second half of 2018, and I need some recommendations for the coolest dark electronic nights or venues in your particular town. Despite what I said a few sentences ago, I still want to bring this music to venues (or parties) focusing primarily on electronic and dance music rather than rock shows. I'll be booking the tour myself, so if anyone can help out with this, please let me know what you know! Thanks! -Toby




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Dobra mu je zena, simpa mi je taj projekat skroz :da:

Za dijete Vola eve jos jedna Tobijeva pesmica, otkrih par njegovih rariteta dok sam preslusavala neki black sa bandcampa-a i fejsa... a mogla bih da okacim i preporuke za taj black na pedersku temu realno ionako je avangarda-smrlj-stagod...




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27 novembar Novi Sad

28 novembar Elektropionir


Driver will be accompanied live by the following lineup:

Timba Harris (Secret Chiefs 3) on violin

Charlie Schmid (Tombs, Vaura) on drums

Nick Hudson (The Academy of Sun) on keys.


With support by Del Judas.


16.11.18 TR Istanbul, Peyote §

18.11.18 ARM Yerevan, tba †

19.11.18 GE Tbilisi, tba †

22.11.18 IL Tel Aviv, Levontin 7 †

24.11.18 SK Bratislava, Kulturák Club

25.11.18 SI Bistrica ob Sotli, Klub Metulj

26.11.18 HU Szeged, Jazz Kocsma

27.11.18 SRB Novi Sad, CK13

28.11.18 SRB Belgrade, Elektropionir

29.11.18 BG Sofia, Mixtape 5

30.11.18 RO Timisoara, Manufactura

04.12.18 DE Hamburg, MS Stubnitz

08.12.18 IE Dublin, The Workmans Club

09.12.18 IE Cork, The Roundy

12.12.18 NL Haarlem, Patronaat

16.12.18 DK Copenhagen, Loppen

18.12.18 PL Warsaw, Klub Spatif

19.12.18 PL Krakow, Klub RE

21.12.18 DE Dresden, Jazzclub Tonne

22.12.18 CZ Prague, tba


§ Toby Driver solo

† Toby Driver + Timba Harris duo

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