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"Wings Of Rage" will be released on January 10, 2020 through Steamhammer/SPV.

Track listing:

01. True
02. Let Them Rest In Peace
03. Chasing The Twilight Zone
04. Tomorrow
05. Wings Of Rage
06. Shadow Over Deadland (The Twilight Transition)
07. A Nameless Grave
08. Don't Let Me Down
09. Shine A Light
10. HTTS 2.0
11. Blame It On The Truth
12. For Those Who Wish To Die


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Laganeze najbolji Rage album sa ovom postavom, a i najbolji još od "Strings To A Web".

With that said, ne očekivati ništa specijalno od albuma, samo što, kao i onaj Refuge album koji daleko više preporučujem, su uspeli malo da vrate melos 90's uspešnu formulu bez nekog preočiglednog retreadinga. Vidljivi izuzetak za ovo zadnje je potpuno bespotrebni, erm, reworking "Higher Than The Sky", za koju mi ionako nije jasno što se pujda kao neki ultrahit benda.

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German power metallers RAGE have parted ways with guitarist Marcos Rodriguez and have replaced him with two new six-stringers: Stefan Weber (ex-AXXIS) and Jean Bormann (ANGELIC, RAGE & RUINS). Alongside vocalist/bassist Peavy Wagner, drummer Vassilios "Lucky" Maniatopoulos continues to be part of the group's permanent lineup.

Says Peavy: "We've wanted for some time for RAGE to be a quartet again, with two guitarists the way we operated back in the days of 'Black In Mind' and 'End Of All Days'. After Marcos had returned to Tenerife and consequently was no longer available, I used this opportunity to enlist two young guitarists."

The new RAGE lineup can be seen and heard for the first time in the "The Price Of War 2.0" video, a new version of the song from "Black In Mind", which is being released today.

Says Peavy: "As you can tell from the clip, Stefan and Jean complement each other perfectly. They're both young and bring a lot of fresh energy to the band.

"We consciously chose this number for the video because we also wanted to revitalize the sound of the 'Black In Mind' era. The track was cut practically live for the clip, with only a few overdubs added. RAGE will sound as heavy and punchy as we do on that song."

The fact that RAGE is already busy working on new material proves just how well the new lineup has jelled on a musical as well as a personal level.

Says Peavy: "We're not in a position to do any shows for obvious reasons at the moment, but the guys are bursting with energy. We're using that momentum to work on new ideas that will probably be ready for release next year."



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2 hours ago, kuruz said:

kad ćeš da gostuješ na Balkan info?

Prošao je voz za to odavno.

9 minutes ago, Grobodan said:

Trep ima li novih erotskih prica?

Poslušaj album, čista erotika.


Zaboravih reći da mi je jedina nešto slabija Monetary Gods. Zato sam i prijatno iznenađen albumom, nisam očekivao ovako nešto kad su je izbacili kao singl.

A na pomenutom refrenu čak i kaže "at the end of the..." na potpuno istom mestu.

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16 hours ago, Bata Trokrilni said:

Album doslovno kida, još od Judas Priest Firepower nije izašao neki koji bi me tako vozio. Uvođenje dve gitare izgleda pun pogodak.

Samo, melodija refrena u Resurrection Day od tona do tona ista kao HammerFall - At the End of the Rainbow.

Doslovno ti je Dacic vrhovni komandant. DUC DUC



Javljaju se mediokriteti, fanovi benda Buc Kesidi... Sluge svih rezima, obitavaju od rucka, do rucka...


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On 9/17/2021 at 5:07 PM, Kumodraski Vo said:

Kad pre novi nisam ni prosli poslusao..

Slično i kod mene. 😁

Ovom sam u startu dao više prilika jer mi se odmah svidelo šta čujem.

Na momente vrlo prijatno iznenadjen. Bude li mi se i dalje svidjao kao posle prva dva-tri preslušavanja biće mi najbolji još od Soundchaser koji je poslednji koji mi se svidja od početka do kraja.

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