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Our long time bassist and collaborator in the Black Work, Inomatanas, decided to leave the band, due to personal reasons. A true friend and follower of the Black arts, he always gave his maximum for the sinister opus of Triumfall. Thus we wish him all the best in his future work, in this world and all others. 11-333



Inomatanas Omen



To all Triumfall friends and supporters…

I was never a fan of long announcements, so I will make long story short….

I have decided to step down from Triumfall. At this point of life, with many things going on, I cannot provide enough of me for the band which represent something so big and deserves 101% of dedication… Thus this decision was made. So many sweat, blood was shed throughout years which shaped us not just as band, but as well as brotherhood.

Therefore I wish, first of all to Atterigner and Vorzloth, my personal/real friends (and those one cannot easily come by) and my comrades for years the best of all in future work. My support will continue in any way that can be done!


Also, for now, I will continue my collaboration with Zloslut. What future brings I cannot say…


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Просечан другосрбијанац не би могао то да разуме.

Covek je legenda !

53 minutes ago, azal said:

kakvu ulogu igra mladi luk

Na fotki samo mladi luk i paradajz, gde je slanina?

Ima dve opcije, ili su vegani ili samo poziraju.

Gorusica sa ovom rakijom im ne gine.

Molim clanove benda da se izjasne povodom ovoga.

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Uz taj ambijent samo jelen

5 hours ago, Haos sam ja said:

Ja bih pre rekao osrednji izbor, al ukusi su različiti.

Ajoooj znači i kad je pivo u pitanju imaš neki ultra-mega-eklektičan ukus..

Kapuciner je do jaja

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