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ljudi se bune jer su mogli da upisu narednu godinu sa 14 bodova.. nabijem vas na kurac sve redom.

Мorbid - досадно

Deicide - говно

CC - досадно

Suffocation - ваља по нека песма са сваког албума

MC - ваљано

Death - највећи

Monstrosity - ту и тамо

Cynic - ваљано


Nocturnus и Atheist сам слабо слушао.

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Behemoth’s recently filmed video for the song “Inner Sanctum” can be viewed HERE!



The clip was shot with director Mateusz “Mania” Winkiel.




Commented by band’s mainman Nergal:


“What’s up everybody! Here we finally come with our brand new video…surprised? I fuckin’ hope so. I’m still blown away by the effect myself. Why? Coz it looks like NOTHING I’ve ever seen in the metal genre. Lately it felt like we’ve pretty much explored every territory in the world of music videos, especially with our last clip for “At the left hand ov god”. This time we took completely opposite artistic approach…we went black and white, absolutely no effects, analogue film tape…and something we’re doing for the first time ever: acting. I truly believe this bizarre video will show you a little bit different aspect of Behemoth’s complex nature.

Watch and enjoy!”

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Artist: Behemoth

Album: At The Arena Ov Aion Live Apostasy

Year: 2008

Rel. Date: 2008-10-15

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Regain Records

Source: CD

Type: Promo

Encoder: LAME 3.97

Quality: VBR, 44.1kHz, Joint Stereo



BEHEMOTH finally presenting their first live

album ever! This is a release worth exploring by

fans of BEHEMOTH as well as those who are looking

for a Best Of with which to explore their


Available as Digibook (15 Tracks) Metalbox

(incl. Patch + Guitarpic + bonus songs).

The release of this masterpiece is scheduled for

october 2008.





1. Rome 64 e.v 1:34

2. Slaying The Prophets Ov Isa 3:39

3. Antichristian Phenomenon 4:13

4. Demigod 3:35

5. From The Pagan Vastlands 3:56

6. Conquer All 4:17

7. Prometherion 3:14

8. Drum Solo 1:14

9. Slaves Shall Serve 3:08

10. As Above So Low 5:46

11. At The Left Hand Ov God 4:57

12. Summoning Ov The Ancient Ones 5:23

13. Christgrinding Avenue 4:04

14. Christians To The Lions 3:16

15. Sculpting The Throne Ov Death 4:55

16. Decade Of Therion 2:47

17. Chant For Ezkaton 2000 e.v 5:28








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Ono dosta interesantan i neobichan spot. Treba ovo da se shvati josh putem nekih objasnjenja od Behemotha i lyrics, da bi dobio celu svoju jachinu. Nachi spot je izveden dosta cudno i interesantno, ali kolko je dobar cemo vremenom shvatiti. :) Ali pesma kida, kao i ceo ovaj poslednji album.


Inache svaka casht Behemoth ekipi koja se trudi za razliku od 80% bendova da eksperimentishe sa svojim spotovima da nisu ono klasichni "looks us, we play and sing" . Ovo je skroz kontra visko modernom proslom spotu koji je odlichan, i samim tim Behemoth pokazuje svoju kompleksnost i trud koji ulaze. :)

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