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Serem ti se u black metal frontmena koji sluša Manowar.


Svaki fantasy bend, i bend koji ima veze sa tolkinom a priori je los...jednostavno je tako....jebi ga...





Preslusah skoro Under the Sign of Hell, nisam ga slusao 100 godina pa nisam ni pridavao neki veliki znacaj prici, malo mi ispario Gorgoroth iz glave, interesantnije bilo to sto je Gaahl gay modni kreator, nego muzika benda. :D

Definitivno se slazem sa tim da nema nikakvog smisla snimati ga opet, al sad kad ce vec da izdaju to, cuo bih da vidim na sta lici. :D

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Ne razumem zašto imaju potrebu da ovakav kult ponovo snime icon_mrtav.gif Bilo kako bilo, lepo što se sredilo to sranje oko imena benda i šta je tu čije, a lepo i što se Pest vratio na mesto vokala icon_rockdevil.gif I da, neka bude tekstova ovaj put icon_biggrin.gif

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Pre novog albuma ce opet odsvirati stari album... ne vidim poentu iskreno.


"Under the Sign of Hell 2011" - the re-recording of Gorgoroth's third album - will be released by Regain Records on 20 June 2011. On the album, Pest and Infernus repeat their roles as vocalist and guitarist/bassist, respectively, from the original 1996 recording, while Tomas Asklund does the drums.


The track listing is as follows:

1. Revelation of Doom

2. Krig

3. Funeral Procession

4. Profetens åpenbaring

5. Ødeleggelse og undergang

6. Blood Stains the Circle

7. The Rite of Infernal Invocation

8. The Devil Is Calling


As for the still untitled next Gorgoroth album consisting of new material: 66,6 % of the material has now been written, and work on the album is continuing at a steady pace. If all goes according to plan, the album will be recorded later this year.

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