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ne mogu da verujem kako sam uopšte ikad mogao da slušam ovog kotipelta (a slušao sam ga intenzivno od 4th dimensiona do visionsa).   kretenski glas i još kretenskiji naglasak

Првих десет резултата на гуглу дају албуму високе оцене, па опет не мислим да су мишљења ових других људи мање важна од мог. Ово је форум о музици, а ако било ко треба да буде храбар да би написао шта

više iritira čak i od fabia, mada je fabio tata za ovog

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Stratovarius, the top name in the melodic power metal scene, are back with a new album – with some fresh and some very rare material!


“ENIGMA: Intermission 2” features three brand new songs as well as, for the first time in the band’s history, four beautifully arranged orchestral versions of popular Stratovarius songs. The album is similar in concept to “Intermission”, released 17 years ago between “Infinite” and “Elements” the sense that these seven tracks made in 2018 are completed by nine very rare, very hard to find power metal gems.

With over 30 minutes of brand new material and 50 minutes of previously rare metal, “ENIGMA: Intermission 2” is definitely more killer than filler!


Take “Enigma” and “Oblivion” for example, fresh from the studio in 2018 and most definitely two killer songs. Both combine an epic melody with a bombastic chorus and heavy riffs for Stratovarius’ trademark sound and remind of “Unbreakable” from their 2013 album “Nemesis”, the most streamed song in the band’s history.

Or “Kill it with Fire” and “Castaway”, two epic and full blown power metal tracks that were previously only heard by Japanese fans.


The sweeping melodic power metal grandeur of Stratovarius, together with Timo Kotipelto's powerful yet emotional voice, is very much present on all of the 80 minutes of this release. This spirit truly makes “ENIGMA: Intermission 2” closer to a full new studio album than to a mere compilation.

The album is going to be released on September 28th, 2018 as CD Digipak and Digital on earMUSIC.



1. Enigma (BRAND NEW STUDIO SONG - recorded 2018)

2. Hunter†

3. Hallowed††

4. Burn Me Down (BRAND NEW STUDIO SONG - recorded 2018)

5. Last Shore††

6. Kill It With Fire*

7. Oblivion (BRAND NEW STUDIO SONG - recorded 2018)

8. Second Sight*

9. Fireborn†

10. Giants*

11. Castaway*

12. Old Man And The Sea††



13. Fantasy

14. Shine in the Dark

15. Unbreakable

16. Winter Skies


*previously unreleased in Europe

†rare bonus track

†† rare bonus track – for the first time on CD



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Frontiers Music Srl has announced the return of TIMO TOLKKI'S AVALON with the release of the long-awaited third chapter in his metal opera, "Return To Eden", on June 14. 

"Return To Eden" track listing:

01. Enlighten 
02. Promises (feat. Todd Michael Hall) 
03. Return To Eden (feat. Mariangela Demurtas, Zachary Stevens, & Todd Michael Hall) 
04. Hear My Call (feat. Anneke Van Giersbergen) 
05. Now and Forever (feat. Todd Michael Hall) 
06. Miles Away (feat. Zachary Stevens) 
07. Limits (feat. Eduard Hovinga) 
08. We Are The Ones (feat. Anneke Van Giersbergen) 
09. Godsend (feat. Mariangela Demurtas) 
10. Give Me Hope (feat. Eduard Hovinga) 
11. Wasted Dreams (feat. Zachary Stevens) 
12. Guiding Star (feat. Mariangela Demurtas)



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