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Bendovi koje ste otkrili


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Immortal Hammer


Tjarnaglofi Demo, 2001

Ohoom Vojny Spalena Zem (Rehearsal) Demo, 2002

Ochrancovia Temnej Krajiny Lesnej Demo, 2002

V znameni Perùnovho Kruhu Full-length, 2002

Promo '02 Demo, 2002

Volanie Bohyne Smrti EP, 2003

Immortal Past Best of/Compilation, 2005


Koliko cujem, ne postoje vise jer je Lord Belphegor raspustio bend usled Lord Hades-ovog problema sa alkoholom.


Lord Belphegor na vokalu:




Lord Hades kad nije pijan:




E sad, zanima me jel ih slusao ko?

Ja jos nisam cuo nista od njih a nemaju vise ni sajt.


I za kraj, ko ima vremena, jedan intervju:



Edited by Natasha!

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Znaci slovaci su, pevaju na slovackom i iskljucivo u slavu slovenskih bogova.

Bend je underground, smenjuju se srednji i brzi delovi a muzika je hladna, sirova..najbolje je slusati zimi nocu, u nekoj sumi, kako kaze ovaj lik:


This release is from my home country,Slovakia, so I can understand the lyrics. They are full of paganism and hatred. Great release. Its really grim and cold. Immortal Hammer music is best for the winter, when you are alone in the dark, cold, grim forest, around you is just white snow, and somewhere far away are hungry wolves, this is Pure Evil Black Metal...Only one thing irritates me. Drums. Drums are "played" by computer. When i first heared it, i was dissapointed, it sounded horrible, like drums in eighties. But you will get used to it. If you are an ortodox black metal fan, you should have it in your collection. Slava Predkom, Slava Bohom!

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Profound Lore Records has set a November 21 North American release date for the new PROFUNDI album, "The Omega Rising". PROFUNDI is the sole vision of ex-NAGLFAR (Sweden) vocalist Jens Ryden, who has also put out a solo album previously under the moniker of DEAD SILENT SLUMBER in 1999. But with PROFUNDI, Ryden (who handles all instruments) continues down a more brutal and virulent musical path that takes his expression that much further down the path of chaos than what he carved in NAGLFAR.


To be presented in a specially designed six-panel digipack and a mammoth exquisitely designed (by Ryden himself) 24-page booklet, limited to 1,000 copies, "The Omega Rising" will feature the following track listing:


01. …Of Flesh And Bood

02. Unanimation

03. Split-Tounged

04. The Omega Rising

05. Coffinborn

06. Silent Hosts Of Decay

07. Engulfed In Hellfire

08. Lifeless, Cold & Crimson

09. Out Of The Evening Mist







Ova pesma obecava samo tako dobar materijal :rockdevil:


Nego mi nisu jasne dve stvari...


Ak se vratio u muzicki biznis..sto se ne vrati u Naglfar...


i zasto ovaj materijal nije izdao pod imenom Dead Silent Slumber. Taj projekat je rasturao sve metal machice, i josh jedan extra album pod tim imenom bi ga lepo obelezio..

Edited by Natasha!

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Norveski black metal,sviraju po ugledu na stari Satyricon,DÖDHEIMSGARD i ZYKLON B.


Izdali su 3 albuma:

Nihilistic Paradox

Battlehorns W.H. 2001

Underground spirit (Krig)


Nisam siguran ali mislim da je ovo neki projekat Satyra,ipak ne zvuci lose

Edited by Natasha!

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Carpathian Full Moon


Dakle,jedan prilicno star norveski bm,postoje od '94,ali u svom opusu imaju samo jedan full lenght-Serenades in blood mirror.

Album je pricilno tezak za preslusavanje,em losa produkcija,em sto riufovi umeju da budu izuzetno monotoni,ali sve u svemu,ceo album iapk oduse nekim smekom,dosta se razlikuje od ostalih pokusaja spajanja ova dva zanra (npr Nortt,ili 100 fjunerals...).

Slusao neko?

Edited by Natasha!

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Forest Of Fog


Kad cujem one man bend,odma me asocira na losu produkciju,primivnost i sl.Znaci nemam ni malo lepo misljenje o one man bendovima.Ali kad sam ovo cuo...Au jbte!!!Znaci simfonijski black metal,odlicne produkcije.Odusevio sam se kad sam cuo dve stvari na myspaceu,a sve po preporuci prijatelja :).


Iako je dosta melodicno preporucujem svima,makar da cuju te dve pesme.






"Rabenflug Demo" (2003)


1. Intro

2. Schwertes Blut

3. Das Licht Erlosch...

4. Walking The Endless Path

5. Nebelleben

6. Rabenflug


Written by SnostormenFyr on February 21st, 2007


I stumbled upon Forest Of Fog while I was looking at Eluveitie's page. Forest of Fog caught my eye, and like I always do, I click on the link. Well well, what do we have here. 1 demo and 3 full lengths. Well I had to look up this one. What I found astounded me. It was good, and I don't mean good as in "Wow, I like this". I mean it as in "HOLY HELL". Anyhow, I was listening to the first track which is an intro. It had soft piano and birds chirping in the background. A ambient intro with great flow to it. Well the next track was beyond what I expected. "Schwertes Blut" is where you will hear the more common usage of guitar in this demo. You can tell the drums are programmed, but it's nothing a average drummer couldn't play. Anyways, the guitars are distorted like crazy and the drums are great as well. One of my favorite songs on the demo. Well, I was craving for more of this album, so I flipped to the next track, and it was just what I expected. First, you hear a little guitar solo and then, all hell breaks lose. Some blasbeats and some grim guitars are in this song. Then, a little unexpected, the "chorus" of this instrumental song kicks in and it is a beauty. It goes through just about the same thing for the rest of this song. Which really isn't a bad thing for this song. Well, I'm going to skip to track 5 and 6 because those seem to hit the spot the most. "Nebelleben" and "Rabenflug" are masterpieces, and my favorite tracks on the demo. I think he should've redone these 2 tracks just because they are the best. Rabenflug, the title track is up close in there with Nebelleben. "Nebelleben" has the best chorus on the whole demo. It starts off with a mid-tempo guitar solo and then breaks off into what I think is a really good verse. It kind of repeats itself sometimes, but in the end it's not to much of a problem. Along with many other things, this track has the best, and I mean the best riffs in the whole world, and it never gets annoying or old. Then we have "Rabenflug", just about the same as "Nebelleben" except it starts out more jumpy and straight forward. It builds you up and then lets loose.


This demo contains some of the best instrumental work known. I find it hard to believe that a solo project could've done so well on a demo! The only thing I'm really surprised about is that the quality of this demo could have been a lot better. I mean this guy works with Eluveitie, one of the most talented folk groups of all time in my opinion. Besides the quality, nothing is wrong with this demo at all. It has great guitar work and awesome drum beats. I kind of wonder if their was a bassist, because you could barely hear it. The guitars kind of took over the whole demo. The drums were drowned out mostly, but you could still hear them. If the guitars weren't as good then this demo would die out fast. It's kind of a balance thing for this demo. The one track that didn't fit in, and did fit in at the same time, was "Walking The Endless Path", it was jumping all over the place. It would have fit better with his later albums. I would recommend this demo to anyone, I don't care what kind of metal you like, It fulfills many genre's at once, but still keeps to the black metal. Basically, this is the best demo I've ever heard...ever.






"Untergang" (2004)


1. Begraben in Trümmern der Angst

2. Die Zeit des Sturmes

3. Gefallen im Reich des Nebels

4. Von dunklen Geschichten

5. Seelenlos

6. Unter schwarzem Himmel






"Nebelhymnen" (2005)


1. Feuersturm

2. Die Klage des Windes

3. Des Frühlings Ende

4. Vergessener Traum

5. Augenblick des Zorns

6. Chaos

7. In vergessenen Ruinen

8. Wenn ich sterbe






"Abgründe" (2006)


1. Der letzte Triumph

2. Nebelnacht

3. Die Vision

4. Stumm

5. Boten des Unheils

6. Ein neuer Tag

7. Der Turm

8. Am Abgrund




Linkovi :








Izdavacka Kuca

Edited by Natasha!

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Myrk started in ´97, in the beginning it was just Myrkur and some mates from other metal bands playing his songs. But the lineup was never stable cause they couldn´t commite to Myrk for they were so active in their own bands.

So in the beginning of 2000 Skog, Storm, Icortus and Myrkur got to know each other and Myrkur joined their band Mictian. In the beginning of summer 2001 that band was put to rest, because of musical differences with the other guitarist in the band.

Four of the band members plus a keybordist decided to continue playing blackmetal and started rehearshing the songs Myrkur had written in Myrk. A decision was made to call the new band Myrk.

In the fall 2001 the members in Myrk went to their mate who had a little studio in his bands rehearsal place and recorded an 5 song demo. That demo circled around the underground metal scene in Iceland. Shortly after the recording of the demo the keybordist was fired and a decision was made to not use keybord in Myrk´s music.

In the summer of 2002 Myrk made a new demo at the same studio which contained 2 songs, one new and a rerecording of a song from the earlier demo. Later in the winter of 2002 Gaddur joined the band as a second guitarist and Myrk became heavily active playing concerts in Iceland and gained reputaition for their cold corpse painted blackmetal assault.

In early 2003 Ketzer records released both of Myrk´s demos on cassette as the “Promo 2002”. In the spring 2003 Myrk recorded it´s first fulllength cd and continued to be active playing concerts.

Later in October there was a unseen tension within Myrk and Icortus quit the band because of personal differences regarding it. Skog, Storm and Abhzar, who had replaced Gaddur on guitar, all decided to leave the band too. After they all splitt from the band Myrkur decided to continue with his music and Gaddur rejoined the band. They have now decided to go on as Myrk with a new lineup.

The cd Icons of the dark will be released before the end of year 2003 by Ketzer records.


Imam ovo izdanje , i meni je prilichno dobro , malo vokal kenja , ali je do jaja!

Edited by Natasha!

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Sons Of North


U pitanju je sirovi black iz Rusije, a tematiku ćete razaznati iz track liste sa istoimenog albuma:)


01. Prelude

02. White Walls

03. from North

04. Hard Winter

05. Sons of North

06. Waft Winds

07. Guest

08. White Flame

09. Shoot

10. White Race

11. Utopia


Elem, meni je uvek zanimljivo da čujem neke tamo leve bendove sa prljavom produkcijom, a na momente me Sons of North podseti i na Burzum :opusteno:

Edited by Natasha!
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Uf,ovako dobar bend nisam odavno cuo,da je tako originalan u moru preslikanih bendova.Iz Nemacke su,sviraju symphonic black ali na veoma neobican nacin.Ne znam kako da vam opisem,jedino da preslusate...


The Horned Serpent (demo) (1997)

Blasphemy (1998)

Mistress Of The Night

Demigod (2002)


Demigod je vrh vrhova,ovako dobar black metal skoro nisam cuo...

Nemam reci jednostavno

Edited by Natasha!

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a relativno skoro sam bio otvorio temu.e ne moze tako :mad:


prvo kolumbijski,a sad americki black sastav.prvi i najbolji album,neprevazidjeno ostvarenje,remek delo black metala ,into the infernal regions of the ancient cult ,je izdat za izdavacku kucu iz kolumbije,posle toga prelaze u no colours koji je ove godine izbacio najnovije ostvarenje nefarious dismal orations.zanimljivo je da su krajem osamdesetih svirali thrash u stilu ranog kreatora,sodama.

muzika se odlikuje ritualistickom atmosferom,ne retko dumicnim ritmovima,incubus-ov vokal zvuci kao zombi-robot,skoro naratorski.dagon-ove bubnjarske deonice uopste nisu naivne.na koncertima sviraju samo njih dvojica ,ne koriste bas,ali zvuce i dalje neverovatno mocno na sceni.imaju jos invoking the majestic throne of satan i magnificent glorification of lucifer,sto se tice albuma.

Edited by Natasha!

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Forgotten Tomb


Italijanski Black/Doom Metal osnovan 1999. u Piacenza-i od strane izvesnog Herr Morbid-a. Imaju četiri albuma i jedan EP iza sebe od kojih je poslednji, Negative Megalomania, izdat ove godine. Podsećaju na Shining, doduše primetio sam i neke Blut Aus Nord tripove ali možda samo zato što sam njih slušao dosta pre ovoga. Ovaj poslednji album ima i clean vocals deonica tako da ono...kakogod. XD




Jbg, jesu smešni kao Ustav Republike Srbije ali sviraju finu samoubistvenu muziku.





* Obscura Arcana Mortis (EP, 2000)

* Songs to Leave (2002)

* Springtime Depression (2003)

* Love's Burial Ground (2004)

* Negative Megalomania (2007)

Edited by Natasha!

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Woods Of Belial

Industrial black/doom метал. Jeзив.

Ко воли да се испрепада док слуша музику нек набави ово. Плејер у шаке, слушалице на уши и у ноћну шетњу по неком парку, па да видиш страхоте.

Један албум и два демо снимка.




Wohi (Ville Seponpoika Sorvali) - vocals, occasionally drums (ex-Ahti, ex-Amoral, ex-Crypt (Fin), Lakupaavi, May Withers, Moonsorrow)


Horned Black - programming


Blood (Henri Urponpoika Sorvali) - guitars, bass, keyboards (ex-Ahti, ex-Barathrum, ex-Crypt (Fin), ex-Ensiferum, Finntroll, Glittertind, Lakupaavi, Larharyhmä, Luokkasota, Terrorthrone, The Wicked, Thunderdogs, Moonsorrow)


Мени је ово фантастично.

Edited by Natasha!

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Retko kad mi se desi da uzmem neki orginal cd a da prethodno nisam cuo za bend.Tako sam jednog dana uzeo Usurper - Visions from the Gods digipack i odusevio se.Skroz ok Black/Thrash Metal sa elementima death metala.Naravno nije nista posebno ali je tu negde pozitivan prosek.Toplo preporucujem svika moji vole black/thrash/death.






Visions From The Gods Demo, 1994


Diabolosis Full-length, 1995


Headbangers Against Disco Vol. 2 Split, 1997


Threshold of the Usurper EP, 1997


Skeletal Season Full-length, 1999


Visions from the Gods Best of/Compilation, 2000


Necronemesis Full-length, 2000


Twilight Dominion Full-length, 2003


Cryptobeast Full-length, 2005

Edited by Natasha!

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Master's Hammer

Bend je iz Cheshke, izdao tri albuma, uz nekoliko demoa i EP, vecinu snimljenih pre prvog albuma "Ritual", koji je izashao 1991. i jedini koji imam. Jedan, ali vredan, ovo mi je strashno privklo paznju, i zainteresirah se i ostala dva da pojurim. U ovih 50 minuta koliko traje album klasicne blek metal sirovosti i 'other' elemenata ima taman u tako dobrom balansu da se album izvrti vishe puta, barem kod mene. Prva pesma je lighter, u prvom planu su u pocetku klavijature, maltene produzenje intra, i dominiraju melodicniji riffovi/leadovi, dok vec na drugoj dominira klasicno black taslachenje, i vokal ovde i na par mesta je, pa

zanimljiv if not chudan. Kao da radi scream ali se gubi, i to sa namerom. Ne znam kako da ga opisem.. Naslovna ima do jaja thrash crtu u sebi.. kul instrumentalche..a meni jedan od highlighta albuma je zavrsnica pesme "Cerna Svatozar", sas extra solazom pracena do jaja leadovima. Ona i sledeca, krljacka "Vecny Navrat" probably i najjaci deo albuma. "Utok" je isto do jaja, prvi put nisam izdrzao do kraja, jer se malo vukla, ali drugi put vec mi bila mocna, sas sve funeral marchom koji se provlaci kroz pesmu...


eto, "ukratko" od mene...ne znam sa chime da ga poredim, iskusniji, koji su slushali, ce moci...na meni je ovde da preporucim.

Edited by Natasha!

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The Black


The Black je svedski black metal bend u kome je svirao legendarni Jon Nodtveidt u periodu pre svog odlaska u zatvor. (gitare, vokal, klavijature). U tom periodu bend je snimio demo Black blood '92 i album The Priest of Satan '94. Sada se bend vraca na scenu sa albumom Alongside death iz 2007. Ovaj album totalno jebe keve. Znaci atmosfera je crna da crnja ne moze biti. Svaka cast. Ko nije slusao neka obavezno nabavi. Ko je slusao izvolte pa komentarisite.

Edited by Natasha!

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Једноставно морам да отворим тему о овој групи јер је ово black metal који је оставио најјачи утисак на мене у последњих 6 месеци ако не и више.


Елем, бенд Verdunkeln ("Verdunkeln" is German for "to darken") је из Немачке (која има сјајну серију добрих black metal бендова у последње време, то смо већ апсолвирали) сачињавају га 2 лика и музику бих описао као atmospheric-gothic-cathedral-black metal, чудне динамике, дугих пасажа и увода, на албуму се налази 6 песама и траје 63 минута.

Најпре ме подсећа на Burzum из "Filosofem" ере али је то само поређење а било шта што се пореди са "Filosofem" по мени треба узети у обзир;

Не, ово је бенд који има сопствени карактер, израз и атмосферу.


Verdunkeln - "Einblick In Den Qualenfall", 2007.



Edited by Natasha!

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We have set "Höstmakter" as the title of our second full-lenght album, and we have also uploaded one song from the album called I Flodens Forsande Brus on our Myspace.


If you want to keep yourself updated on what's happening in the Mörker camp right now (that's alot), keep checking our forum every now and then.







Edited by Natasha!

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Пошто по трећи пут отварам тему, само ћу ставити line - up, па кога занима нек оде на Архиве да разгледа. Један од најбољих пољских бендова, што довољно говори о квалитету. У бенду су:


Tomasz 'Orion' Wroblewski (AnubiSS) - Guitars, Vocals (Behemoth (Pol), Neolithic)

Heinrich - Bass (Rootwater, Masachist)

Darek 'Daray' Brzozowski - Drums (Neolithic, ex-Pyorrhoea, Vader, ex-Sunwheel, Masachist)

Siegmar - Keyboards (Hesperos)



Valeo - Guitar (Sammath Naur, Mortis Dei)


God the Lux ми се више свиђа од Firefrost Arcanum - a, a нови управо скидам па ћу да видим какав је.


Апсолутна препорука.

Edited by Natasha!

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Paysage d'HIver-francuski one man projekat.

POmalo podseca na ranije radove Vargovog Burzuma.

Hladno i oporo...:)


Paysage d'HIver-Paysage d'HIver (2000) - u pitanju je demo sa tri pesme,ali mislim da ce se dopasti svima onima koji vole hladniji i mracniji i naravno siroviji zvuk. U nekim delovima pesama, cuju se cak i violine. Vokal je ubitacan, bolan...mislim,ocigledno da se lik bas uneo u pesme.


vise infoa na: http://www.metal-archives.com/band.php?id=13417



Jos jedan kul black metal bend koji bih pomenuo je ''Breath Of Sorrows'', izdali ekstra album 2005 (posle dva demo snimka), pod imenom ''Through Darkness To Battle I Ride'', a onda je usledeo i ''Carved Emotions'', iste godine. Ipak, obratite paznju na ovo prvo izdanje.Totalna histerija. totalna mrak atmosfera.

Bend je iz Amerike.


za info, idite na: http://www.metal-archives.com/band.php?id=20817



Evo, i ovaj bend, iz švajcarske koji je takodje zanimljiv,a mislim da su vec mnogi culi za njega. ipak,nije s goreg pomenuti: Darkspace!

Nabavite istoimeni prvenac iz 2003.necete se pokajati.Provereno.


Info: http://www.metal-archives.com/band.php?id=13746

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