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17 godina. 🎂


Ovde je možda bio i neki zenit rada Kojota/Eyesburna, kad se povezao i sa Maxom i ekipom. Ima zanimljivih stvari, dosta nekih upliva flamenko gitare i raznolike brazilske muzike, nije strogo samo polivanje, a 'Prophecy' je svakako klasik. I produkcijski prilično cepa.

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Mark RIzzo: SOULFLY didn't do anything for the band members or the crew. It's just not right to do that to people during a time like this.

                   I haven't talked to Max since [March] 2020 when we played the Hell & Heaven festival in Mexico, I had no contact with him.

                   I had to go back and get a day job. I was doing home renovations, working very hard, 10 hours a day. A [SOULFLY] live record came out [last year]. I never saw a dime off that.

                   Back in the good years, it was great. But the last I'd say eight to 10 years have not been very good.

 Max Cavalera: Marc did not leave the band. We decided to part ways with him due to personal reasons.

* cenim da će i Gloria imati kakvo originalno objašnjenje, recimo da su za sve krive Kisserova i bivša Igorova žena.

a i zanimljivo da nema objašnjenja što im sin više ne svira ili sam ja nešto propustio.



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