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Koji ste poslednji original CD nabavili?

White Man

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Halford - Winter Songs

Yngwie Malmsteen - Eclipse

Jason Becker - Perpetual Burn

Vinnie Moore - Defying Gravity

Joey Tafolla - Infra-Blue

Hawaii - The Natives Are Restless

Primal Fear - Jaws of Death (Digibook)

Michael Harris - Orchestrate

Matt Mills - Project

Steven Wilson - The Raveb the refused to Sing

Alpha Tiger - Beneath the Surface

King Diamond - The Complete Roadrunner Collection 1986-1990 (Box-set)

Cacophony - Speed Metal Symphony

Cacophony - Go Off

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posle malo duže pauze uzeh nekoliko CD-kompakt diskova


SAVATAGE - Gutter ballet

SAVATAGE - Hall of the mountain king

KYUSS - Welcome to Sky Valley

KYUSS - ... And circus leaves town

SLAYER - South of heaven

MEGADETH - Youthanasia

AMON RA - In the company of the gods

AERA - Hummanum est

OVERKILL - The years of decay

PENTAGRAM - Day of reckoning

GROUND ZERO - Drop the hammer

ALICE IN CHAINS - Jar of flies

MASTODON - Leviathan

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Metallica - ...And Justice For All (Vertigo)

Metallica - Garage Inc., 2-Cd (Vertigo 1998)

Metallica - Kill ´Em All (Virgin)

Metallica - Load (Vertigo 1996)

Metallica - Master Of Puppets (Elektra/Asylum Records 1986)

Metallica - Metallica (Vertigo 1991)

Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine (Sony Music 1992)

The Sisters Of Mercy - First And Last And Always (Wea Records 1988)

The Sisters Of Mercy - Vision Thing (Wea Records 1990)

Theatre Of Tragedy - Theatre Of Tragedy (Massacre Records 1995)

Theatre Of Tragedy - Velvet Darkness They Fear, Digipak (Massacre Records 1996)

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Псалом 666 - Символ Веры



SS-18 - Tetraktis



Slike sam našao na internetu, jer me mrzi da slikam. Псалом 666 je možda i najlepši disk koji imam. Čudi me da košta svega 8e. Sva sreća da se SS-18 nije rasprodao, izdato je svega 333 diska. Preporučivao sam oba album već, čini mi se. Ne zna se koji je bolji.





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