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Special Show For BBC Radio 1 2015


1. Intro

2. Superhero

3. Sunny Side Up

4. This Guy's In Love With You

5. Separation Anxiety


Bonus Material :


Live In Los Angeles 2015

1. Superhero

2. Epic

3. Sunny Side Up

4. Midlife Crisis


Live In Nethelrands 1995 (Pinkpop Fest)

1. Midlife Crisis

2. Evidence

3. Easy / Introdue Yourself

4. We Care A Lot

5. Carlaho Voador

6. King For A Day

7. Epic



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They recently announced plans to reissue their debut album, and today, Faith No More have announced deluxe edition reissues for 1995’s King For a Day Fool For a Lifetime and 1997’s Album of the Year. Both are out September 9 via Rhino. Each will be available as a two-disc set and on 180-gram double LPs with rare bonus tracks. Find the tracklist for each below, and watch the video for the King For a Day single “Digging the Grave.”


King for a Day Fool for a Lifetime (disc one):

01 Get Out

02 Ricochet

03 Evidence

04 The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

05 Star AD

06 Cuckoo For Caca

07 Caralho Voador

08 Ugly in the Morning

09 Digging the Grave

10Take This Bottle

11 King For a Day

12 What a Day

13 The Last to Know

14 Just a Man

King for a Day Fool for a Lifetime (disc two):

01 Evidence [Version en Español]

02 Absolute Zero

03 Greenfields

04 I Started a Joke

05 Spanish Eyes

06 I Won’t Forget You

07 Hippie Jam

08 Instrumental

09 I Wanna Fk Myself

10 Evidence [Versão em Português]

11 Digging The Grave [Live]

12 The Gentle Art of Making Enemies [Live]

13 Interview [b-Side]

Album of the Year (disc one):

01 Collision

02 Stripsearch

03 Last Cup of Sorrow

04 Nakes in Front of the Computer

05 Helpless

06 Mouth to Mouth

07 Ashes to Ashes

08 She Loves Me Not

09 Got That Feeling

10 Paths of Glory

11 Home Sick Home

12 Pristina

Album of the Year (disc two):

01 Pristina [billy Gould Mix]

02 Last Cup of Sorrow [Roli Mosimann Mix]

03 She Loves Me Not [spinna Main Mix]

04 Ashes to Ashes [Hard Knox Alt. Mix]

05 Light Up and Let Go

06 The Big Kahuna

07 This Guy’s in Love With You

08 Collision [Live]

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Cliff seemed like a really cool guy.

Bordin: It's a tough subject with anybody that knew him, as his father once said to me a long time ago when I said to him, "It's been 20 years and I still don't think I'm over it." He told me, "You're never going to get over it." But one thing I gotta say is that there's a club in this world, and there's only two members, and the name of the club is "Drummers who've played with Cliff Burton, Jason Newstead and Robert Trujillo". There's only two members in this whole world, and that's me and Lars.

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